Monday, July 13, 2009


I've had a good amount of emails and comments lately asking if i really, really and quitting this blog. I don't know... it's up in the air.

In other news, I'm moving to Jacksonville, FL. I announced it on my cooking blog about a week ago, but I realize not everyone reads that. We're headed down 2 weeks from today, and it's all so surreal. At first I was excited, but now that I actually have to leave my job, pack my house, and be super far from my family, I'm less than excited.
I know there will be great new opportunity for me down there, but I'm really happy here and I like to take the 'if it's not broke don't fix it' approach. Surprise, surprise - I don't do change!

So anyway, my biggest concerns about moving are sitting at home all day alone until I find a job and being bored which leads to eating for me. Also, the summers are awfully hot, so running is going to be hard... but on the bright side, I can run on the beach! And all of the apartment complexes have pools (not lap pools, but I can lounge with books there)

Anyone live in the Jacksonville area and know of some good running trails or parks?

So to wrap this up, right now I'm not really in a motivate the masses kind of mood... more of a poor me kind of mood... I freakin hate moving... like the physical act of moving, packing, having no cable for a few days, driving 14 hours.... ugh. So perhaps when I get to Florida and things are going well, I'll feel like blogging and being inspirational again... I've got a few ideas and goals and such that I'm going to start working on :)

And also, I normally don't call out other blogs because I really do read all of yours, but if you're looking for a similar blog with tons of inspiration about an awesome girl, check out, she started running just this year, is kicking butt, is super fit, healthy, motivational, and an all around nice and wonderful girl!
Meredith- hope you don't mind me linking you, I know you'll probably read this :)