Saturday, November 8, 2008

5K Results!

I had such a great race today! It was really cold, but by the end of the race I was warmed up! The weather was overcast and 45 degrees, and the course was pretty hilly. I was the 42nd woman to finish, and my time was 32:42... pretty good! I was hoping finish around 31:00, but considering I was not feeling so good today, I'm happy!
I think there were around 1,000 people there, but I'll get the numbers at work on Monday!
Here's an action shot JJ took right before I finished

Here I am at the start line waiting for the official go

And freezing my butt of before the race!


  1. I am so inspired by you! I just found you through Google Reader recommendations, and I can't wait to read more...

  2. That's a great time! Congrats on finishing!!!

  3. You look great!! Congrats on your race!