Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 6 Weigh-In!

Week 6: -.5lb
Cumulative: -1lb

Not a great week :( I gave blood on Monday, and the rest of the week my exercise was HARD. I had to take off Monday and then when I started BFBM on Tues, I was so winded and lightheaded I had to stop. Even this weekend, my long runs were really hard. I've heard that giving blood makes you feel winded easily for a week, and this time I feel like I had the side-effects more than any other time.
I'm guessing stress+blood donation+heat=bad workouts.

However, I'm feeling great today! I CLEANED THE CRAP out of my house this weekend. I threw away all the clutter and scrubbed on my hands and knees, and somehow cleaning like that almost cleaned all the emotional crap out, too. I'm feeling much, much better about everything. Taking it one day at a time, not stressing about the stuff I can't change, etc.

Also, JJ's traveling during weekends with baseball (except for the Big 10 tourney) is over, so it will be nice having hime home for dinner :)

Now, no one was at the group chat last night (or if you popped in but didn't say anything, I didn't see you) but I left the window up and checked in and out from 7:45 - 9:00.
I'm totally not mad about it, I understand everyone is busy, but I was kind of bummed. Also, how is everyone doing? Are people less motivated now that I don't post weights and things? I'm a little worried that a lot of people have dropped it or aren't going to finish. We're only on week 6! I know I haven't been the most wonderful leader, but I'm ready to step it up.
I want to really kick it into gear now. I'm not going to re-start the group, but if you're still motivated and working hard for it, please TELL ME!!! In the beginning I had tons of emails and such and now it's died down so much.
Talk to me, ladies!


  1. I totally know what you mean about cleaning :) Plus things are just so much less stressful when all of your space is all cleare and decluttered!
    Good luck with the workouts this week!

  2. Hi Ashlee,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am still in the challenge and working VERY hard. I am down 16 pounds in the first six weeks and absolutely loving how I feel. In fact, I've changed the 20/20 Challenge to the 30/20 Challenge for myself. :) Anyway, just wanted to make sure that you knew someone was still engaged and making progress.


  3. I am making progress. I lost 4 pounds this week, which was great for me since I gained a few last week and life has been crazy.

    I don't get to participate in group chats because I have a lot going on at nights, especially Sundays.

    You are doing great!

  4. Im still in it Ash! thanks for your updates!

    -Katie O

  5. Hey Ash-
    I am still working on the challenge. I haven't lost ANYTHING though. I work out pretty much every day (stationary bike & now I'm shredding) and count calories (400-700 cal deficit daily), but on weigh in day, I may lose a pound, but the next week its back! There is no downward trend at all.

    Because of this, I'm getting SO frustrated. I haven't quit though- my group has been awesome at coming up with ideas and motivating me.

    This is the beginning of a new week, so I'm starting over (again).


  6. Hey Ashlee,

    I'm super motivated still, even though our group has fizzled out a little bit. We still talk on Fridays, and keep in touch through blogs and such, though.

    I've lost 12 pounds since the challenge started, and even though I took last week off (exercise-wise), I'm back to it this week with more resolve than ever! My first 5k is only 5 weeks away, and I'm gonna get there...

    I think it's just the nature of these things (and weight loss in general) that you're really gung ho at the beginning, and then it wanes.

    I'm still in it, though! Have no fear! :-)


  7. Hey!

    Our group is still going strong. We started our own private blog that we all post on several times/week with our mistakes, victories, and words of encouragement.

    I actually lost 3 pounds last week, which was my best week ever. I'm down a total of 13 pounds from the start of the year, and 5 pounds from the start of your challenge.

  8. Our group is also still keeping in contact. I've lost a total of 7lbs and the other girls are at 6 and 4 lbs each.We're all super happy with our progress and are looking at this as a permanent change to our lifestyles.

  9. Hi Ash-

    I'm still in the challenge, though my group has fizzled out and its difficult to stay motivated. I'm down 3 pounds and working hard to lose 2 pounds a week for the next 2 weeks. It's tough!

    I can't make Sunday night chats, that is time my husband and I set aside for ourselves.

  10. I'm still in the challenge! I'm feeling a little discouraged as well, just because I've lost maybe 2-3lbs total these last 6 weeks. I was really optimistic and thinking 1 lb a week would be cinch...ha! With social commitments and having a cold, I've been sporratic with my exercise, which hasn't helped the last couple weeks... but I still have my goal in sight of -15 lbs. Glad to hear you're feeling better about things and I hope you have a good rest of the week!

  11. Hello Ashlee!
    Keep at it, you're doing great. I'm down another 0.4pounds last week, but this week, so far, hasn't been a good one. We'll see what the scale says. I love reading your blog. You've come so far! You have time to "catch-up" even if you don't make the full 20 in 20. I know what you mean about cleaning-up too. A clean environment makes me feel so much less cluttered inside and out. It makes me feel fresh and rejuvinated. Good luck this week!

  12. Could non-20/20 participants join the chat?

  13. Hey Ash!! ;) Just checkin in! I'm down 7 lbs total! My group has kinda lost momentum, but I am still working hard and plan on making it to the goal! I can't do the chats because I work at night... but I am always thinking of the 20/20 participants and wishing them luck while I'm sweating it out!!!

  14. I'm still doing the challenge, but I haven't lost anything. I just keep trying to find positive things, which I have, but it is frustrating. I haven't gone to any chats, because the last one I went to, I found it very hard to relate to you or anyone else in the chatroom. I think asked somethign to the effect of "has anyeone totally bombed on their eating plane one day?" Crickets. Oh well, I guess I should be inspired by the fact that everyone else never falls off the wagon!

  15. 1/2 lb is still a GREAT achievement. Sometimes changing your environment, aka cleaning your house, does wonders for your motivation and frame of mind, which can definitely translate into weight loss. Plus I'm sure having JJ home will also be an optimism booster ;).

  16. Hi Ash,
    I've been yo-yo-ing since the beginning of the challenge, but am back at it this week in hopes of making some big accomplishments...honestly, it makes me feel better to see that you struggle sometimes, too! You've come SO far, it's amazing!

  17. I lost 1 pound after a week of not losing anything. Still working out hard...ツ Congrats to everyone for your loses!!!

  18. Hi Ashley!

    You inspired me to start my own blog: