Sunday, August 11, 2013

An active weekend

So moving cross-country can be pretty terrifying. However, with it only being for one year, it seemed a lot more manageable. The logistics were a bit of a pain, selling our home, putting everything into storage, crashing with our parents for a few weeks, driving two cars across the country... but we did it, and it has been so worth it! 

JJ came out here to interview in April, but I never saw Boise until we drove here. I researched a lot ahead of time, but I really had no idea. I got SO lucky with our apartment. It's truly everything we could have wanted. It has greenbelt access (a paved, 20 mile bike path along the Boise River), it has a pool, it's in a great area of town, and is easily accessible to JJ's work, the Y, Whole Foods, parks, you name it, we've got it. I think we're going to be spoiled living here, to be honest!

Here are some photos my husband took on the greenbelt last week:

view from the lake behind our apartment and Boise River

So exercise has been great, for so many reasons. Firstly, I am now working part time, which allows me to go to the YMCA as often as I want to. Secondly, we're right on the greenbelt and have great roads around here to run and bike, and thirdly, JJ is home at NORMAL 8-5 hours, so I have so much more flexibility and we can do a lot of extra fun exercise, like ride bikes to the park and play there.

I have really adjusted to life here, I just miss my friends! Since we know we'll only be here a year, it's hard to want to get invested and get out there to meet people. We're going to church, and I go to classes, but no other opportunities have come up to meet people.

So a recap of the weekend's activities and eats:

Friday - Spin class
Saturday - TRX class and then fun time in the kiddie pool
Sunday - 3 mile run, 6 mile bike ride on the greenbelt

Eats were actually pretty good! I cook all week, we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at home M-F, the weekends are when we go out a bit. Saturday's lunch was from a deli, I had the veggie sandwich (shared with Violet) and a side of coleslaw. Saturday's dinner was at The Green Chile, I had the veggie fajitas, which I made into a giant salad. Sunday's lunch was Cafe Rio (YUM!) Vegetarian Taco Salad with only half the tortilla eaten, and Sunday dinner was at home. Considering the amount of exercise, I feel good about it! And we've been using the heck out of our Entertainment Book... it's been a great way to try some new places in Boise! The BOGOs have been treating our tiny, resident/part time working budget well.

Hope you had a great weekend full of exercise and delicious food!

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  1. Hi Ash! I don't know what made me pull up your blog the other day but I did. I'm so glad to see you are back!