Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reader Question/Updates/Plans!

Today's Reader Question comes from: sunflowerramos!

I would love to know your eating/exercise habits.
My exercise habits have changed throughout my weight-loss journey. At first, I was soley using the elliptical and walking my dog. That took me through the first 50 lbs. After that, I started running with the C25K. Then I started using The Shred. I like to change it up depending on the season, and how my body feels.
In the very beginning, I was more focused on cardio and building up resistence and working out longer. Also, I bought an elliptical, so I mostly did that.
After I got bored with the elliptical, and the weather was nice, I started C25K.
Then I wanted to start doing weight training for some muscle definition, so I started The shred.
Now, I use a mixture of everything, some days I run and shred, some I just shred, some I just run, some I swim at the Y. I try to do something every day, no matter how short (20 min. shred) or long (2 hour walk with Pumpkin).

My eating habits have been pretty much the same throughout, I've just recently upped my calories.
Here is a snipet from another post where I talked about food and my food blog:
"I try to keep my dinner to 700 calories each night. I also try to make sure I have one starch, one lean protein, and 2-3 vegetables. From the healthy living standpoint, I use almost no pre-packaged products (with the exception of coindiments) and I use minimal canned vegetables or pre-made sides. If there is a specific recipe you want a caloric breakdown for, please ask! Also, most of my meals are made for 2-3 servings (so my husband has some extra). "

Do you use a journal?
For ther first 50 lbs, I used a journal. It really helped me track my food and exercise. It also had a glossary in the back that had calorie counts for common fruits, veggies, meats and starches.
Here is a snipet from a previous post that I wrote about the journal:
"The journal I used, I Will Lose Weight This Time, is set up like a reference book with helpful tips, as well as a guide to calories and fat in certain foods, it also has interactive sections where you can record your weight loss goals, it encourages many small goals. It also has a place for you to put your measurements and a picture.I used the food diary section for the first 3 months of my weight loss process, just so I could get used to counting calories and remembering how many were in each food I ate. It also has little stickers for you to put on the day when you did a good job!The daily journal has a place for your weight, foods you've eaten, and exercise, so you can keep track of it all."

Back in the day when I was starting my weight loss, I would weigh myself on Friday and Monday, hoping to see a -1 each time. Then I started to slow down, and only weighed on Friday, hoping to see -1. Now that I've got momentum working and I've been doing well, I'm going to try to get off the last 19 (yes, I'm down one more!) in the same fashion. It is an unfortunate time (CHRISTMAS!!!) to try to lose the weight, but since my body seems to be working the way I want it to right now, I'm not going to try to hold off and maintain until after Christmas.
It's so interesting how the body works, some months it's torture to lose 1 lb., sometimes I'll take off 2-3 in a week when it seems like I'm just sort of trying.

and now, Plans!
My plan for the last 10 is to have a big old countdown going on, and put in lots of photos of me along the way. Since I'll be at my parents for Christmas, I'll try to gather some photos that mark the lbs. along the way. Now I still have 9 to lose before this starts, but I'm getting really excited. I'm going to need everyone's support, especially now and during the next 2-3 months!

So this might be my last post until after the holidays. I want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! Be safe, indulge a bit, have a great time with family and friends, and workout hard!

As an aside,
I am so floored by the support and amazing comments you all left on my 'reward outfit' post! Seriously, it meant so so so much to me. I can't thank you all enough. It's been a long journey, and I'm excited that we're so close to hitting that -100!!! I really do feel so great, and I really appreciate the motivation you all provide.

So I'll leave you with a few photos from our Christmas card session back in November!


  1. Best of luck with those last ten!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. I keep forgetting that you are in Bloomington -- was reminded by the picture in front of the fountain. My son (the Golden Child) goes to school there.

    Thanks so much for your blog -- it really is motivating.

    Have a fantastic holiday!

  3. You are such a motivation! Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. I found your blog and cooking blog and they are both great! Keep up the great work, you are doing amazing and you look so great in your new outfit! -Jessica

  4. I just found your blog by accident. I read through some of your older posts and you are such an inspiration!

  5. I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!!