Thursday, August 6, 2009

I thew away my scale...

Yep, I threw it out.

Here's the thing, I don't save stuff. If I don't want/use/need something, I throw it out. When we were moving, JJ pulled my scale out and asked where to pack it. I said um... throw it out.
It had been a while since I'd weighed myself anyway, and I had been thinking about it for a while... why should I weight myself every morning and obsesses over the number? I used to let it rule my day. I'd wake up feeling great, then weigh myself, see no loss, and be bummed.
The truth of the matter is you don't need a scale to tell you how you're doing... you can feel it. The way your clothes fit, the definition in your arms, stomach, legs, etc. You know if you're doing well in your diet and fitness, you don't need a scale to justify that!

So I decided to let it go.
I'm sure I'll weigh myself at some point... but for now, I'd rather focus on hitting the next pants size and going on runs because I want to, not because I'm half a pound up from yesterday or need to lose two by Friday.
I feel free :)

However, I was planning on blowing up my scale... or burning it... or something like that when I hit my -100 lb. mark. Maybe I'll just go to goodwill and buy one to do that! I know I'm doing well, I can feel it, I can see it.... which brings me to this....

my new pantry is 2 full length mirrored doors. Everytime I step into the kitchen, I have to first look at my body in it's entirety.
Scary! but effective.
When I want to reach for a spoonful of peanut butter, I see myself... and then I change my mind!
It's actually pretty amazing at how well it works.

So today was a pretty good day. I bought some stuff to make a light box for my food blog, and I spent a long time wandering around the grocery store. I'm probably going to do part of my shopping at Publix and part at Whole Foods. I'd love to shop solely at Whole Foods, but it's so expensive for some things... but then so cheap for some. Luckily I know my grocery prices well, so I know what to get at each store.
The Publix is nice, new, and carries tons of their Greenwise products (organic, natural, etc.) so I'm pretty happy with that. It's interesting to see what is more expensive here vs. Indiana... like some produce is quite a bit more expensive here - I don't get it! But then my King Arthur whole wheat flour was $5.99 in Indiana and only $3.89 here! Yay!

Let's get to the recap from today...
Exercise - Shred Level 2.
I had intended on running 30 minutes, but when I woke up, I had such a sore throat and felt like I was underwater... I'm thinking I have a sinus infection. It was pretty unfortunate timing for this because when I walked Pumpkin at 7am, it was really cool out. Oh well, tomorrow will hopefully be 30 minutes of running and shred 3.

Eats - Todaywas a good day!
Breakfast - Oats, blueberries, milk and coffee
Lunch - Yogurt with a peach, carrot sticks and 1/2 english cucumber, tomato soup
Dinner - Salad, Grilled Ratatouille Pizza
Dessert - Italian ice and probably some cherries later

JJ gets in tonight at 9:30, everything went well with the thesis! This weekend we're going to look for a new kitchen table - yay!
And I had 2 people follow up with job things this afternoon - yay!


  1. Big kudos to you on throwing out the scale, I still dont have the courage to do it.

    That is some pretty interesting planning that went into making the pantry doors mirrors. How unnerving, but I imagine it would be effective.

    Best of luck with your job search!

  2. I've found the same thing about produce prices. I've noticed that both cherries and apples are more expensive here...and those are both fruits that are grown in abundance here in Washington!!

  3. That's awesome about throwing away your scale! Good for you!

  4. You have yourself a date! Brandon will be stoked to not have to see New Moon with me. He made fun of Twilight the entire time when we watched it!

  5. Congrats! I like your focus. I am assuming you threw away too big clothing. I have a closet that is about 1/2 full of clothes that no longer fit right. They're too big and look sloppy. I am having a hard time tossing them before our move because I'm afraid I'll need them later. Did you ever have such worries?

    Love the new layout!

  6. Love the new look! Good for you and throwing out the scale!

  7. Glad you are back to blogging.
    Yikes, I think mirrors in the kitchen would deter me too. :)

  8. Wow! Mirrors on the pantry? Intimidating. Haha! But you look great! Your arms are sooo skinny!

  9. you look fantastic! hope the florida heat isn't too killer... I am not sure how I would survive down there during this time of year!

  10. Welcome back! Congrats on being to the point where you can feel where you are in your healthy journey! 2 thumbs up on dissing the scale...I can't imagine being there but someday hope to be!

    I also am a huge Ohio State fan too....can't wait for football season. Glad you will still get to see some of them down south!

  11. Welcome back! Can't tell you how excited I am to read your new posts...Just finished 20/20 at 2 ounces shy of 25 lbs down. I wouldn't have done it without your inspiration!

  12. go you for throwing out the scale! our move/eating out a ton for about a month really didnt do me too good, but luckily my scale wont be here till the end of august with the rest of our household goods so i cant weigh myself yet/be depressed, lol.

    on a side note, from a former Floridian, Publix is generally more expensive than other stores, but it's got lots of fresh and yummy stuff! ooooh the Publix. :)