Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nothing new...

So I haven't blogged here in a few days. Basically nothing new. Running is getting easier, but I still hate the heat. Eating is going well. Tomorrow is JJ's birthday party, I'm cooking up a big Mexican feast, but I'll have some healthy options of course, so I'm not too worried.
Over the weekend I visited JJ's grandparents with my brother in law. Granddaddy took me out back to show me how the fruit is coming along. Their grapefruit tree is enormous. Right now it has hundreds of green, baseball sized fruit. He said they'll be ready in October. The orange tree looks good too, the lemon tree is having an off year, not too many. I can't wait to pick them this fall!
On Sunday I'm giving blood at the church blood drive, so Monday might be an off day, I'll run Sunday morning before church. Last time I gave blood it took me longer than normal to recover, so hopefully this time will be better!

Sorry for the rambling... I'll get my thoughts together soon!


  1. I am so jealous of the fresh citrus fruit that you will be picking this fall. How fun. I just started to love fresh grapefruit, especially in wintery citrus fruit salads. Yum.

  2. Thanks for the update! Glad running is getting easier.

  3. good for you! You look great!Loved your blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com and i will follow yours! xo

  4. Glad to hear the running is getting easier. I hate the heat too. Keep up the good work.