Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm a trooper! and a Stonyfield Farm open letter

Sometimes people ask me how I do what I'm doing, how I just keep going and basically, I like to cut the crap, face the facts, and push through. When I was going through reconstructive jaw surgery 8 years ago, my mom said I took it like a trooper! I try to keep that mindset when I'm running and working out.
Of course I have my breakdown moments, but for the most part I try push through weight loss like a trooper. I don't need to be babied, I don't need a gentle push, I like the cold hard facts and the blatent truth when it comes to health and fitness.
That being said, Pumpkin is nothing like her mom... Since we moved here, she's pretty much been hiding under the couch and table.

So anyway, today was a great day. It was sort of an off day, but an off day still in check.
I had tons of errands to run and we had a dinner party, so I took the day off from exercise and I ate a little more than normal.
Breakfast: Oats, raspberries, milk - no coffee!!! (i'm trying to cut caffeine way down/out)
Lunch: Oikos Honey, Peach
Dinner: Salad, Zucchini and Carrots Scapece (see blog), Fresh pasta marinara and a brownie with vanilla ice cream....oh, and about a bottle of red wine
And to close, an open letter to Stonyfield Farm!

When you contacted me a few months ago about trying Oikos fat-free organic greek yogurt, I was really excited. When you sent the reusuable bag as well, I was elated. I'm definitely a fan and consumer for life.

However, it has come to my attention that Oikos Honey seems to always be on sale and not clearing off the shelves because the expiration date is always soon when I buy it. This scares me. I'd give my right arm for honey oikos every day. Even though I'm currently unemployed because I moved, I forego Starbucks 2x per week so I can have Oikos Honey Yogurt.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't discontinue it. Please.

And if you do, please tell me how you make the honey mixture at the bottom.

Love and happy cows,

Ashlee Wetherington

P.S. I signed up to get e-coupons, but have only ever gotten 1... do I need to sign up every week to get a 50 cents off 1 oikos coupon?


  1. That is my favorite variety too. I would be sad if they discontinued it.

    We're moving too and we've tried to take Ella to our new house to get use to it. A few nights ago (while we were packing) she started acting very lethargic. I am somewhat nervous about her getting depressed with the move. I'm sorry Pumpkin is a little scared. Did he act this way when you got married and moved?

  2. That is interesting about the yogurt expiring so fast! I have yet to try it. I keep reading about it though. I really just need to get to the grocery store.

  3. ahh! I love love love the oikos honey too, but can never find it at my local stores, I always have to travel for it! It's so good. I just might write to them too.

  4. Hey Ashlee,

    Just thought that I would let you know that you don't have to worry - we have no plans to discontinue Honey Oikos!! In fact, we recently launched it in a multi-pack with 4 oz cups. So now you have two ways to enjoy your favorite treat!

    As far as coupons go, we allow our fans to print one coupon per line, per month. We do this to encourage people to give all of our tasty lines a try. If you've already printed one this month, you can print another in September.

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and feelings and thanks for being a lovely fan.

    Take care,
    Stonyfield Farm