Monday, April 12, 2010

My Epic Weekend!

I hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did! It wasn't very eventful, but it was full of great, healthy food (all we be on the food blog this week) and lots of errands and spring cleaning. 
I can't remember if I mentioned it, but next week my parents and sister and brother in law are coming to visit, so I've been trying to get a lot done to be ready for their visit! I am so excited, Kris arrives Sunday afternoon, my parents arrive Monday, and Dan will get here Thursday. I'm really looking forward to some time off work (3 days) while they're here, and I'm excited for them to see the new house, car, and my life down here in general! 

So let's start with Friday night... 
I made myself this delicious dinner, a salad with wheatberries, spinach, strawberries and feta. It was awesome! I also had some plain greek yogurt with a sprinkle of frozen raspberries. 
I watched 5 episodes of Lost, and loved it! 

Saturday morning I was up and ready to go on my run. I should have pushed it and went a little further, but I didn't. Oh well, I figured I'd make up for it on Sunday morning's run. Lesson learned: When you're on a run, feel great, and it's going well, keep going! 

Breakfast was an Oikos and a banana, followed by Starbucks Iced Coffee and food shopping. I'm excited about this week's menu, I've got some great stuff planned, and will finally be getting great new recipes on my cooking blog. I've had quite the dry spell! 

So some of you have asked about Folio Weekly, the magazine I write and blog for. Here's a few photos. The first is the ad that runs weekly for the Bite Club. This is in every week, and changes depending on the event location. 

Then this is the interview article in last week's "Bite by Bite" issue, which recaps all local restaurants and the food scene. This was a one time thing, all of my content is on the blog, and not in the magazine on a weekly basis. I'm not sure when the article I wrote will be in Folio, but I'll post it when it does! 

So after unpacking the groceries and cleaning the kitchen, I called the dogs in because I was ready to shower. I could not find Pumpkin anywhere though, until I looked under the bushes... there she was, sleeping in the sandy bed she dug up. Awesome. 
That meant bath-time for the dogs! 

I decided to tackle all 3 at once, because if I do the twins first, Pumpkin hides. It was easier than I thought it would be. Belle jumped out once, but other than that they were great! 

After bath-time, I was starving! I made a napa cabbage blue cheese slaw, strawberries, and 3 hardboiled eggs (I hate 1 whole and 2 whites). It was a TV dinner-ish, I took it outside with the laptop and watched another episode of Lost!

I ran a few errands, and found myself at Mochi. Don't know how that happened.... 
Plain with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. YUM!

I stopped by Lowe's to get some potting soil because I was ready to transplant my herbs to the pots. Lowe's on a Saturday afternoon in April with gorgeous weather... a nightmare!!! I waited on line for 40 minutes to check out. There were so many people there... it was awful! But I got my soil, and moved my herbs. I've got basil, mint, rosemary, chives, sage, dill, cilantro and oregano.

Here's a garden update. I am so so so proud of my little garden that I started from SEED! 

The back row is a variety of tomatoes, then I've got broccoli, red cabbage and beets.

Another row of tomatoes, cauliflower and bell pepper varities

And finally snap peas, pumpkins, beets and peppers

I ate dinner really early, I was starving! Chana Masala with Cous Cous and Snap Peas.

Watched some more Lost, and snacked on yogurt and an apple.

Then it was off to bed! I was exhausted, but couldn't fall asleep. Lost is a little eerie, and makes you think! 

So I ended up sleeping in pretty late! I really didn't feel like running, but now that I'm at the gym on weekdays, weekend runs are even more important. About 2 miles in, I wanted to stop. But I pushed myself, and decided to do the 4.4 mile route. This is exactly why I wished I kept going on Saturday. 
I had some pain in my right ankle, and it was really hot - which I guess will continue to get worse. Oh, Florida... we're going to have a love/hate relationship... 

After I got back, I had breakfast which was Strawberry Oikos, strawberries and a banana. I was extremely sweaty, so I tried to drink a lot of water.

I stopped by Starbucks for my coffee and read the paper for a bit before church. It was not good though, everyone around me was smoking and it was gross. I left pretty quickly and ended up reading in my car in the church parking lot. 

I stopped by the farmer's market after church. I got some great stuff, but they didn't put my lemons in my bag! It's so annoying because almost every meal this week needs lemons! 

Lunch was a potato salad, orange and tea...

JJ 'fixed' the garden fence last weekend, but somehow Belle got in. When I climbed in to rescue her (she was unable to get back out), I saw something amazing.... my snap peas have grown!!! I had my first harvest of the year, 5 snap peas!!! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon turning a curtain into a table runner with some of the iron adhesive tape, and figured since I had the iron out, I might as well iron all of my cloth napkins that I've been putting off. I think I spent 2 hours ironing... it was not fun! But I was watching The Masters, so it was ok. 

Again, I was starving for dinner. I made a cous cous salad-y thing, and a pear and gorgonzola salad based off the delicious one I had 3 weeks ago at the Cheesecake Factory. These will be blogged! 

I ended the evening with a bowl of cheerios and almond milk, unpictured. 
It was a long but great weekend, however this post was epic, so I promise I'll try to break up my weekend posts. I was too enamored by Lost to post! 

Have a wonderful week :) 


  1. sounds like a great weekend to me! and your food looks so fresh, so healthy and so yummy!

    So excited that you are having family come visit, that should be so fun!

  2. Uhm wow your food looks AMAZING. Gives me some ideas! I also am very impressed by your garden.. good work!!

  3. Your garden looks AMAZING! It seems like just last week you posted about starting it. WOW! I'm totally impressed :-)

  4. What a great weekend. I'm so jealous of your garden, not gonna lie. I love how your food is so colorful!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Your food looks so delicious and colorful!

  6. WOW, I can't believe your garden already. That's definitely got to be a plus of living in Florida. We're lucky to have herbs up at this time of year. It'll be a few months before the vegetables come up - and you've got harvest already.

  7. Hello! I'm excited to have found your blog. I'm pretty new to blogging and just figuring it all out. That salad you made friday night looks amazing. I would love to try it. I'm super impressed by your veggie garden. This past weekend I started my own little greenhouse veggie seed garden. I'm in the germination phase and am already seeing the seeds begin to sprout! Only 3 days in!

  8. Mmmm your food always looks so tasty!! Your dogs are adorable too. Glad you had a good weekend!!

    Melissa h

  9. Your garden is looking good! Great job on the salad, it looks tasty!

    Laughing at all the dogs in the are a brave woman!

  10. Those are some wonderful meals. It's amazing how many vegetables you get into your meals. Is your Napa cabbage slaw on your cooking blog? Is the potato salad on your cooking blog? I'd love for you to give some tips on how to build a great salad. Usually my "everything" salad is just some sort of greens, feta and strawberries. I don't ever know what to mix with what.

  11. I am jealous.. we still have snow and can't even start planting for another two months... sad face.

  12. Where do you get that running little graph from?

  13. Where did you get the boxes for your garden? I am really into the local food movement, and some of the local farmers have suggested I start with a raised garden for my 1st go round, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I noticed at Costco you can buy a raised garden setup for $299...but ouch. I didn't want to spend that much. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!