Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reader Question Answered

Erika asks: When you started C25k did you use the C25k podcast? your watch? how did you calculate it?

When I did the C25K, I set up a playlist on my iPod called C25k that was about 35 minutes, I would start the music when I got to the trail, and then would use the Extras>Stopwatch>Timer on my iPod once I began running. I would remember in my head what the time patterns were (like 3 min run, 1 min walk, or whatever) and then I would watch the timer and when it hit the time where I'd start walking, I would walk, then watch for 1 min to be up and start running. I never had trouble remembering because I just naturally remember numbers... but my husband tried using that method and couldn't add or would forget when to run and walk, so he started using the stopwatch and would stop and start it to time the 3 mins and then 1 min, or whatever the breakdown was.
I have never tried a C25K podcast, but if you try one and like it, let me know!
Hope this helps :)


    I'll have to use your husaband's method methinks as I am not at all a number person.

    Thank you again!!!

  2. I use Suz'z podcasts( Some of the music isn't my style, but it's better than the techno ones on the c25k website.

    I'm on week 7, and since all the runs are long from now on, and all the workouts are the same, I've started using my own playlists and just setting the treadmill for the run times.