Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Say hello to my little (running) friend...

Sadly, my iPod died a slow death over the past few months... the screen died, the battery wouldn't charge, the screen came back to life, then a big black spot took over, then the battery just completely died :( I had to say goodbye to my nano, who lived a good 3 years and ran many miles with me...
I started running without an iPod, and sort of got used to it, but still found it to be a challenge. Then I ran one morning with JJ's iPod, and I ran faster and further than ever... I knew I'd have to bite the bullet and get one.
We're on a super tight budget, but once before I took a gamble with money for my health, and it paid off (I took $500 out of my wedding savings to buy my elliptical, which helped me lose the first 50 lbs.) So I decided to take $150 out of our house down payment savings and buy an iPod. She's so pretty, has 8x more memory than my old nano, and can play movies, and is pink!
I am so happy to finally have a nano again as it really does have a huge impact on my runs... and with 2 10k's coming up, I can use all the help I can get!
Note: That photo was taken right after a run and level 3 of the shred last night.... so I look awful!


  1. Oooo...congrats!

    I have been wanting an Ipod, (I have an MP3).
    I really want it for the movies. Have you tried watching a movie yet while running on the treadmill? I was wondering if that would be difficult...

    And sometimes, it is definitely worth it to invest in your health! I could not run without music!
    Good for you!

  2. Yay for a new iPod! Are you going to be able to use it during the race? I know some races won't allow MP3 players.

  3. Congrats on your new running buddy! Your blog is very inspirational! Thank you!

  4. I just found your blog and I'm loving it!!!!

  5. I love my iPod and I walk when ever I can with it on. It just keeps my going and I know you know what I mean. Thanks to you, I found out about the 30 day Shred DVD and tried it out via the library. I just picked up my own copy yesterday and I am really looking forward to using it more often. Keep up the good work!