Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today's Run... I crack myself up...

You have to watch The Office to understand the humor in this post....
I live in the same neighborhood as an elementary school. They recently put in the blinking speedometers that tell you how fast you're going. The cool thing about them too, is they're solar powered! They are only on when school is going on (so like, 8-4 M-F) Usually I run around the block after 4, so they're not on. Well today Pumpkin and I ran around 3pm, right when school was getting out. So I ran past the speedomeer, and IT CLOCKED ME AT 31 MPH!!! I swear, I about died laughing, and the parents in their minivans probably looked at me funny, but I was cracking up. I'm so speedy :) and what are the odds?!


  1. You go girl! Fly like the wind. That is pretty funny! I can't believe that thing clocked you running!

  2. LMAO- that was a great Office episode!

  3. That's awesome! We about died laughing during that episode and now I wish there was one for me to run by and try out!