Friday, February 13, 2009

Weight Day!

This morning when I weighed in, I was REALLY hoping for 2 lbs... so of course, I lost 1.5! I'm .5 away from my Valentine's Day goal.... so I guess I'm pretty happy.
In other news, the date for my -100 lb. party looks like May 30, so I've got 3.5 months to lose 19 lbs. EEK! I really prefer to have my own schedule and time to lose the weight, but it's really the only time my whole family can get together for the party, and it is somewhat nice to have a date to lose it by. A goal date. I think I can do it. I hope :) It worked out well hoping to lose 50 lbs for my wedding (I lost 47) so I think maybe having a date to get it off by might help.

Also, today at work we had a huge Twilight Valentine's Day party... see for some photos. What a fun day!

Also, if you friend me on Facebook (Which I think some readers have) please note that you are friending me b/c of my blog, because I won't accept your request if I don't know who you are (not that I know you here either, but oh well!)


  1. Your Twilight cake looks awesome! The red color is great!

  2. i am a BIG fan of goal dates. you know you have XX to lose, but if you dont set a date, it may take a super long time. good luck with that, though! we're behind you 100% and know you can do it!