Thursday, February 19, 2009

What do you think???

"Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels"
This is a quote that's been said over and over (in my mind, mostly from Jillian on the biggest loser), but it's also something one of my readers said in a comment on my Valentine's Day post.

So let me think about it....

Looking thinner....


So what's the verdict?
I think I can have my thin, and eat my cheesecake, too!

Of course it's true that feeling thin is fantastic... maybe it's not comparable to anything, but that's because this is all so new to me. It's been a LONG time since I wore the size I do now... maybe 6th grade? That's 12 years. However, I have not had cheesecake in a LONG time, and that's some DAMN GOOD cheesecake - best I've ever had/made.
Why can't you indulge a bit in life without feeling guilty? I think you can.... and should!

I'm sure you could go through and count the # of times I have said it's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, not a diet. You'll eat cheesecake during your life, no need to feel guilty, enjoy it! It's not something you eat every day, is it? No!
In my opinion, and take it for what you want, you can't go thru life being so strict all of the time (unless you want a body like Jillian, which would be so hard to maintain) so why not enjoy it?
Maybe it's just because I love food, I love cooking, creating, savoring each bite, pairing ingredients to create something that is like no other experience, so it's hard for me to accept that phrase... but what do you think?
I love being thinner, but I also love cheesecake. And I see no problem with that. I refuse to believe I can't be thin and eat cake without guilt. It's all about MODERATION!
....It really was the best cheesecake I've ever had....


  1. You're absolutely right that it's all about moderation! That's one reason I've started making an attempt to have small, low-fat things made of chocolate in our apartment. If I go too long with no chocolate whatsoever, I know that when I cave, it'll be with a giant-size candy bar or a huge sundae. Why not have a Hershey's mini or two on occasion instead?

  2. I always say that whoever says nothing tastes as good as thin feels hasn't eaten my bread pudding. ;)
    Your cheesecake looks great.

  3. I agree with you ash. Moderation is fine. I am big boned so I know I will never be a size 2 or anything but I am trying to make a lifestyle change by working out and eating right. For me I want to feel better about myself and for my future children to feel better about themselves and to make good choices. I don't think you should deprive yourself of anything but should have things in moderation. For me I know if I deprive myself of something then I tend to go overboard. Okay off my little soapbox :)

    I think you are doing great and very proud of you.

  4. Amen Sistah! Who wants to go thru life never ever having that piece of cheesecake? I sure as hell don't. I'm glad you enjoyed your cheesecake. You're doing so great, keep it up!


  5. I absolutely agree. While it might work for others, there is no way I could just 'give up' certain foods. And why should I?? As cliche as it is, but true, life is short! Enjoy some cheesecake every now and then!

  6. when i decided to make a life change and begin working out, i joined Curves (about 6 yrs ago). i remember that motto being on posters all over the gym and really was motivating. it's not only motivating but it's also true. this lifestyle choice IS a great feeling and something i hope to retain forever.

    i really like your blog Ash, and congrats and keeping up such a healthy lifestyle and postive outlook.

  7. Amen! I have had friends who were super skinny and had no problems with maintaining their weight, but they didn't like food and just saw it as a way to get energy. Now me, I love the taste and the flavors and the smells and textures. I LOVE food, so I let myself splurge now and then. Have that cheesecake; you look great!

  8. I absolutely agree! You can't be on a "diet" all the time. Life happens! And, I too love love love to cook and to experiment to bake and to taste. Losing weight is not going to change that part of me and nor should it anyone.

  9. Hello Ash! I discovered your blog through a post on Weddingbee. First off, CONGRATULATIONS. I have been going through your posts and I am in awe and inspired by you dedication and success! I too am trying to lose ~100 lbs (I'm 22) and am probably the most motivated I have ever been. The problem is, I have really bad pain in my feet (going to the Podiatrist soon and I know losing weight will help remedy this), so walking on the treadmill is not an option right now. I have started out on the elliptical and stationary bike since they are low impact, but don't feel like I'm getting as much of a workout on them as if I were actually walking/jogging/running on the treadmill. I gather through your posts that you lost your first 50 lbs using the elliptical and walking, so I was wondering what your thoughts are in regards to the elliptical and treadmill. Did you ever feel the same way? Is the elliptical just as good as the treadmill? Is one better? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't feel like I will lose weight if I'm just doing the elliptical...does that make sense? I'm also strength training.