Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So first off, you all are so freaking awesome. As hard as it is to put myself out there and say how I'm feeling, with the support of so many people, it's worth it!

I do hold myself to high expectations, but it's just because I know I can do it, and there need to be no excuses, but at the same time I need to enjoy my life and realize that pigging out at the Superbowl is just a part of life.

So anyway, I'm still feeling sick, maybe even worse, but I didn't want it to drag me down even more... so today I did a 3 mile run on the treadmill! I had such a stressful/busy day at work, so it was nice to get on the treadmill, blast the music and RUN!

I've started incorporating HIIT into my runs (high intensity interval training). I run at a base speed of 6mph for 20 minutes, then the last 10, I do 1 min at 7mph, then 2 at 5.5 mph, and so on. It feels so good to run that fast, and let me tell you going from 6mph to 7mph is a huge difference! It makes me realize that I'm not a 7mph runner... ever...haha. Running my 10 minute miles is just fine :)

So anyway, I know the scale won't be pretty this Friday, but as long as I stay on target the rest of the week, I'll be ok.

I'm not going to shred tonight because I'm pretty exhausted, but I did run, so I'm not going to feel too bad about not shredding.

Sometimes I think the emotional toll is the hardest part. I can put in the exercise, I can try to eat less... but in my mind it's still never enough!

Oh well, here are a few photos from the superbowl (those are the 3D glasses for the sobe commercial!), I really did have a fun night vegging out...and of the stupid snow that has taken over Indiana.... and got me sick :(


  1. Just doin' my job, Ma'am.


  2. Sounds like we're working on the same thing. I "comfortably" run at 6mph, but I want to increase that. I had been doing my normal runs at 6 then increasing to 7 for a minute or two here and there. But last night I tried something different to work on sustaining that speed for a longer time period. I ran at 7mph for 5 min, then walked for 1 min, and repeated that for a 1/2 hour. And yes ... going from 6 to 7 IS a big jump!!!

    The snow sucks! I can't wait for ours to be gone. We don't usually get it here and it's been hanging around for 6 weeks now. GRRRR

  3. I am so impressed with your 10-min mile run! I just got under an 11-min mile, and can only dream of a sub-10min one!

  4. you are sooo inspiring. found your blog when looking for 30 day shred reviews. I just started shredding 3 days ago and want to get rid of my belly pooch! it's so motivating to find other women dedicated to changing their bodies for the better...keep on keepin' on!