Sunday, October 11, 2009

-1 Point for Florida

Yesterday morning (Saturday) I got up around 7am, and Pumpkin and I started out on our run. I have started taking her around the block (1 mile), then dropping her off at home and doing another few miles alone. Partly because I get such better runs without having her stop and pee on everything, but also because she's a quitter after 2-3 miles and I'm trying to work on distance.

So we did the first mile quickly at a good pace, dropped her off and set out to do another 2-3. O.M.G. It was SO hot. And SO humid. It got up to 93 yesterday. Really?! 93?!
I want it to be fall! Needless to say, I had to take 4 or 5 20-second walk breaks. I think I did about 35 minutes, but that included walking and dropping off Pumpkin. During this run, I also found a fly infested dead snake, and an armadillow skeleton right next to the sidewalk.
I miss my baby deer and squirrels on the trail in Indiana!!! Negative 1 point for Florida.
So, I'd file that one in the 'craptastic runs' category. I told my dad about it last night, and he said he might have to up my odds in the T-day race.
That's not happening.
PS - Good luck to my dad and sister who are running the Cleveland Towpath Half Marathon right now!!!

Now this morning, I decided to try again. I knew what I was in for, so I tried to get in a good mindset. I knew where to avoid the dead animals, I knew it would be hot and humid, I was ready to go.
Well I put in a good, solid 48 minutes of running, probably a little over 4 miles. Only 1 walk break because I got an awful side cramp. I used the techniques Athletic Trainer JJ told me, and stretched a little and breathed in really deep, then pushed it out as hard as I could. It worked! I felt great the rest of the run.
I was a little cooler, overcast, but still humid today... so this one is definitely a success!

Now on to the fun things!
Here are some photos of my family at the OSU/IU game last weekend. So sad I missed it, but they did take a photo of them calling me to ask directions to the stadium once they were on 3rd St!
PS - I miss hoodies.

And onto a serious matter.
Only 3 weeks until Halloween. JJ and I have an annual pumpkin carve-off. He won the first year with his IU, but there were mixed feelings on the second year.
He said I shouldn't use paint on a pumpkin (I painted on the black bats), but I think he had an unfair advantage because he printed off a template AND used his cavader kit for accuracy.

Sooooo any ideas of what I should carve this year? I need to win in a big way. It will also be the first year of pumpkins at the new house, so I want to impress the neighbors! haha

Puppy Update:
My mom said some people have looked at photos on the blog and it looks like the twins are Pumpkin's size.
The girls, Charlotte Brie and Belle Scarlet are 10 lbs., Pumpkin is 21. So they are half her size, see below (it wasn't possible to get a photo of them all looking.... believe me, I tried!)

And now for the CUTEST PHOTO EVER IN THE WORLD - Belle hugging Charlotte and spooning.
And if you LOVE their cupcake collars, check out
Kerrie handmakes the collars and leashes, I got a cupcake collar for Pumpkin in May for her birthday and love it, so I went back to her for the twins collars and leashes. Now all my girls decked out in cupcakes!

Well I'm off to church, the farmer's market, and then HOPEFULLY I can improve my fantasy football record to 1-4, I'm at 0-4 now and I blame it ALL on ROMO!
Then Leah and Jay are coming over for Jay's birthday dinner :)


  1. Love the O-H-I-O shot!

    What about trying for a doxie could have the long body wrapped around the side and the face in the front! Tough but it would be cute!

  2. Those puppies are so adorable. Heart = melted.