Monday, October 5, 2009


As you all know, I love love love Pumpkin, and all dogs in fact!
When JJ and I got married and started talking about the future, we both decided kids would be a long way away if ever. Dogs, however, were what we had to negotiate about. I've always wanted lots and lots of dogs. I love them so much. He had to be on board.
Lucky me, he said he could agree to 3-4, but only if we had a house with a nice yard for them. I adopted Pumpkin from the Humane Society in Hickory my senior year of college. JJ told me that one was ok, but no more until we got a house. I agreed. He wanted to get labs, 40-50 lb. dogs, 'guy dogs.' Pumpkin was ok because she looked like a fox, but no girly-dogs.

Well, we're 3 weeks away from closing on our house (!!!!), so I started looking on
I have ALWAYS wanted a dachshund because of the book Pretzel that I loved as a child. It was about a dog that was so long he wound himself into a pretzel. No one liked him because he was so long, but when his secret crush fell into the sewer, Pretzel was long enough to pull her out. He saved the day! Well our family got a beagle mix when I was 12 and we named her Pretzel even though she wasn't a dachshund.

Anyway... I found 10 month old miniature dachshund girls on petfinder. A breeder was overcrowded and couldn't sell them because they weren't puppies, so he dumped them at the pound. The rescue picked them up and a woman had been fostering them for a month. They wanted to adopt the girls out together since they're so close and hate being separated. We had talked about getting twins because from volunteering at the shelter, I knew that it was hard to adopt out pairs. So I visited the dogs at an adoption day at Petco on Saturday. On Sunday, they called to see if they could bring the girls over to meet Pumpkin.

Pumpkin did pretty well with them. She wants to play with them, but she's not sure yet.
So after the home visit went well, the adoption lady just said ok, they're yours!

What a whirlwind weekend!

So, I'm so happy to announce our new little girls, Belle and Charlotte! Belle has a little black on her back and a white spot on her chest (which is how we tell them apart, Belle in Beauty and the Beast has a white apron, so the white spot is for Belle). She's the lover, she lays in my cubby and wants the most attention. She's the follower, more timid than Charlotte.
Charlotte is the leader, she's always in front. She's more playful, the instigator of the wrestling matches. She'll go over to Pumpkin and try to get her to play, too.
They had a great first night, they sleep together in a cage. Pumpkin was in our bed with us, and they were in the family room and cried, so we put their cage in the room with us and they slept great all night. Love them!
As much as I love my Pumpkin Spice, she was a bit of a terror when we got her at 16 months, and these girls are so much easier at 10 months.

So anyway, now between the job and a half, new house, 3 dogs and 3 blogs, I've added HALF MARATHON TRAINING! Woohoo!
I promise I'll still be blogging on here, but I think this blog might evolve into more of a blog about balancing those things listed above. I want my friends and family to be able to see the house, dogs, etc. so Ash is Fit might be more about being well-rounded than just physically fit.
I'll still try to keep fitness in the forefront, but I don't want to create a 4th blog for house/dogs/life. I'm lazy... haha.

So JJ, if you read this, I promise, in a few years, dog #4 can be whatever you choose!


  1. Yay! I'm so jealous! I have to wait to get a dog until I get a house too. ::pout::

    They are so cute!

  2. Yippee for dachshunds! I love them and they aren't always mean and nippy like some people say. We have a 6 year old girl named Emma that we just love to pieces! They bring so much happiness!

    I have a few pics of Emma in some of my posts if you swing by. She is full of personality like I'm sure yours will be!

    They are adorable...congrats on becoming their mommy-they are lucky you saved them!

  3. YAY! Can't wait to meet them!

    When's your official half start date?

  4. OMG, so adorable! And what a great story. Yay for rescuing pups!


  5. Fun! I hope they all start playing together soon! I have a 'guy dog', a german shepherd mix named Gracie Lou. She was a rescue dog, and she is a wild child! I plan on getting lab, but it will be many years down the road!

  6. Awww, your new pups are sweet! I have a Dacshy X, in-laws have 2 and my SIL has 1. They're great dogs.

  7. they are so cute, congrats! how old is pumpkin now?

    i am looking forward to the new direction of the blog! it will be nice to read about someone else trying to balance their life like i am trying to balance mine!

  8. The pups are so cute! I love their names.

  9. Aww, how cute!! I have 2 big dogs..a boxer and a doberman, and sometimes I wish I could pick mine up and cuddle them like you can!! Congrats!!

  10. How exciting! They are gorgeous girls.