Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Recap!

The weekend was very productive in all aspects of life.

The weather cooled down beautifully over the weekend, it was about 70 high/50 low, so on Saturday morning, I was a bit chilly when I set out on my run. I ran a 4.5 ish mile course around the neighborhoods. I did 50 minutes with a 5 minute walk cool down. It was a great run! That was the extent of fitness over the weekend because I worked so much around the house...
Food was good, not great. Since I did so much physical work over the weekend, I ate a bit more than normal, but I think I was still under in calories.

On Friday night, I went to Oktoberfest in St. Augustine, which was fun. I tried about 10 beers, had half a brat and some potato and sauerkraut fritters. They were amazing, and I'm going to have to recreate them oven-baked.

Saturday was so productuve, after my run I painted the guest bedroom and office all by myself! I've never painted rooms before, I'm usually in charge of taping and taking on/off switch plates. However, JJ was working all day and I wanted to get some work done, so I did it myself. The office is a dark red/burgundy color and the guest room is chocolate brown. They look great! I'll eventually get some photos up when the house is more put-together. Right now it's a mess and I don't want to embarass myself with messy house photos :)

On Saturday afternoon when I let the dogs out, Charlotte charged right through the fence and ran straight into the pond. So on Sunday, JJ and his dad put new slats in the fence. It looks really good! We're thinking about painting the fence white eventually (so I can have my dream white picket fence), but that might not happen very soon because paiting a fence is a lot of work. We'll see how everything goes, we have so much to do!

So let's see, how about some photos?
-First we have the twins snuggled up in my duffel bag. They climbed in while I was unpacking.
-Then we have them snuggled up. They always have to be spooning when they sleep, they're so funny.
-Then lastly, we have Pumpkin. She's so happy now to be in her backyard. She was trying to chase a lizard up the magnolia tree. You can also see the fence and the lake, which Charlotte took a swim in. That was before we added the new slats!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, especially trying all those different beers!

  2. Very productive! Sounds like everything is moving along :)

    How cute are the twins + pumpkin!! Love the photos..

  3. This summer I counted some painting as exercise. It definitely worked my arms and back reaching to paint. And of course my legs by going up and down the ladder. There's nothing wrong in NEAT exercise every once in a while! We're about to beginning painting project part B.