Monday, August 18, 2008

My Swim Workouts

I absolutely love to swim. Now that I'm working in the accounting department at the YMCA, I get a free membership! I am so excited that I get to start swimming again! I was on the high school swim team, and have always loved it! I do find it hard to construct a swimming workout that's challenging and diversified, because I get bored swimming lap after lap freestyle. This is the current workout I use, it takes me about 45 minutes!

500 m freestyle warm up
100 m free kick (with kickboard)
50 m backstroke kick (with kickboard)
50 m butterfly kick (with kickboard)
200 m freestyle pull with flotater between legs
8 50m freestyle sprints on 1:15
100 m freestyle pull (or 50 free, 50 butterfly)
100 m freestyle kick (or 50 free, 50 butterfly)
200 m freestyle cooldown


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog!! Thanks you are for sure motivation for me!! One question, how do you count our calories? Where do you find out how many calories something is?

  2. ahh... swimming... feels good doesn't it??? I need to make myself some workouts I've just been swimming about :)

    I was a distance swimmer so I can just go and go and go... but my favorites are swim, kick, swim, pull, swim type workouts.

    My next purchase is some hand paddles so I can really get some deep pulls in.

  3. I was also on my high school's swim team. And was on a local community swim team for years as a kid. Love it! I wish I had a place to swim laps. I'm jealous! ;-)