Friday, August 1, 2008

Workout Clothes

I have tried many brands and options of workout wear, from t-shirts and sports bras, to cotton tank tops, but my favorite is the sports bra tank. It's the lightest and the Nike Dri-Fit stays very cool. It's also sleek and cute!
Here is Nike's website with all of the options available for women's tops. I buy Old Navy Yoga pants, both long and capris, for my pants. They're the most comfortable, to me.
Since I exercise by running, walking, biking, shredding, and ellipticalling, I have cross training shoes, though I am looking to buy running shoes when I begin my 10k training in September. I buy adidas shoes for cross-training.

Anyone have any favorite running shoes you want to recommend???


  1. No rec's on shoes as I am in need of some myself.

    Love your blog. Very inspiring.

    Tip on workout clothes - Target. The champion stuff they have is WONDERFUL. I love it. I keep buying more and more of it.

    My problem with running was with the shorts. My shorts always rode up into my crotch. Not very lady like to run around a track pulling my shorts out of my crotch. Nice image I know. I found running skirts/skorts and am in heaven now. Target has bunches of them and are way cheaper then Dicks or Nike. They have a bunch on sale now and some even marked down. I ran my first race in a skirt. Loved it.

    Congrats on all your hard work. Sorry to be so long.

  2. ah yes, shorts up the crack, happens to me too, so i've given up on shorts! (also, icky theighs, don't want anyone to see) so that's why i love the capri pants!
    i'll have to check out target, i'm sure it's much cheaper than the nike stuff (tanks are $40+!)

  3. I can never get comfortable with the tanks with the built in sports bras for some reason - but the one you have on is cute! Re running shoes, I would really recommend going to a running shoe store and getting evaluated to make sure you're getting shoes that are built right for you. I like the Asics 2120's but in the upgraded version which are in stores now (the 2130's), I hate them. Good luck!

  4. This has nothing to do with your current post, but I was just curious (and nosey!) as to if you are still trying to lose weight (and if so, how much?) or if you are to the maintaining phase yet?

  5. My problem is - I love the Nike tops and some of the stuff at Target, but it doesn't fit that well right now. I want cute workout clothes so I don't feel frumpy but there aren't many choices for plus-size girls :(

    I second the idea of getting a fitting for running shoes. And while some people will suggest that you can then save money by buying online, I think it's worth it to pay the extra $10 or so and get them at the running store - they *did* spend the time helping me find the best ones!

  6. I can't wait till I'm thin enough that I can wear fitted tanks to run in. Nobody wants to see the rolls I got goin on!

    You look great babe!

  7. Shoes - I love - they have a "shoe finder" that helps find the proper shoe for you to wear for running. They have free shipping and free returns (if you need it). I got my new shoes from there and LOVE them, they're great.
    I personally like Nikes better for running than Adidas, but like Adidas better for cross training than Nikes.
    Who knew?

  8. As a one time Btowner (currently in Indy) my two reccomendations for running shoes are a.) Smiths in Bloomington... they used to have people on staff that could properly fit shoes or b.) the running company in Greenwood they actually do video gate analysis and the shoes are affordable. (I posted about it a few weeks ago) anyway, happy shoe shopping :-)

  9. I love Balance. Used them when I trained for a marathon and never went back!

  10. Asics for running shoes. They are the best!

  11. Hi--new reader here! I started reading b/c I was doing the 30 Day Shred as well. Love that dvd!

    For running shoes, there's nothing better than New Balance. I've had every other brand at some point, but they are the most comfortable and last the longest.

    You mentioned capris and yoga pants, but have you found any shorts to run in that don't ride up as you move? I'd love to find some that are comfortable.