Thursday, August 14, 2008

Words of wisdom...from Grandma

This past weekend when I was home in Cincinnati, my grandparents were visiting from Florida. My grandma is very blunt. She tells me I'm her 'special one' and we all know I'm her favorite, even though grandparents shouldn't have favorites! Well, that didn't stop her from this line...

"Ashlee, you look so great. But you know, when some people lose a lot of weight, their faces sort of sink in, but your face is still pretty round."

Yes, Grandma, I have chubby cheeks! They'll always be that way, I suppose.....But they're kind of cute, right?

Things like that remind me that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you won't ever have the perfect body, and your problem areas will always remain that, so embrace them! I love my chubby cheeks, they're very pinchable. Now, if only I could grow to love my hips....


  1. I love the picture & I agree with you. I think sunken cheeks are yucky!

  2. I heart chubby cheeks! I have not only chubby cheeks but also high cheekbones... tis an interesting and appreciated combination.

    SUPER cute picture too :-)

  3. I LOVE your cheeks! I have chubby cheeks, and as I'm starting lose weight, my husband keeps asking i I will lose my chubby cheeks (and my hips - I may not love them, but he does, so I may be close to "at peace" with them...). Thanks grandma for the honesty!

  4. I love your necklace in this pic! Is it a snowflake? Mind sharing where you got it?

  5. i got it at macy's last year in november right before my wedding!