Monday, January 19, 2009

Bring it on, treadmill!

On Friday, I was doing my normal 30 minutes or torture on the treadmill. Only it wasn't as bad as normal. It seemed to be going faster!
Well I was thinking back to Bob and Joelle's arguement on Biggest Loser, and I remembered he was having his team run 30 second sprints at 6.5 mph. So I thought to myself, if these 300-400 lb. people are running at 6.5, I should too! Granted they were walking inbetween, and I was running at 6.0... but I created a little challenge for myself!
So I when I hit 25 minutes (5 to go) I kicked it up to 6.5, and it felt fine, so I kicked it up to 7.0 mph. It felt really good! My legs were really stretching out and I felt really good! I ran at 7.0 for 4 minutes, until I hit 3 miles, then the last minute I walked.
So take that, stupid treadmill!
Really, it's the little things that make me happy :)

And also, over the weekend I completed levels 1 and 3 of the shred with my 8lb. weights. I almost made it through 2, but the squats at the end with the 8's were just not happening....
I'm so close though to completeing the whole series with my 8's!


  1. Hey Ash just discovered you blog! Your weight loss success is amazing!

  2. I know that this is going to sound kinda silly, but how do you find the time to exercise?

    That is what I am having a problem with.

  3. what a workout! thats amazing, you pushed yourself so hard! congrats!!

  4. I just found your blog today, and wow! You're such an inspiration! I am currently trying to "blog myself thin." I love your site and would like to had it to my blogroll if that's cool with you. Anyway, kudos on your success!

  5. The little things make me happy, too! Although, I would certainly fall on my face if I pushed it that fast right now. hahaha That would not be a pretty sight!

  6. Woo Hoo that sure was a tongue lashing Bob gave Joelle, huh?! But it WORKED! I had to mentally do it to myself tonight, just to GET UP and do my first 30 day shred session. It worked for me too! LOL!

    I do have one questions, actually something that I have been personally concerned about. How has your skin been? Any lose skin, sagginess? Any tips in that department? My weight is in my belly and I am just worried about having rolls of skin.

  7. Woah, 8 lb weights, I'm impressed! That's awesome :)

  8. Nice job! I actually do sprints on the treadmill to make it go faster, starting around minute 12 (just to make sure I'm warmed up). Usually 2 minutes at 6.5 - 6.8 and then 3 minutes back down at 6.0. It definitely makes it go faster.

  9. Heya!

    I'm a blog stalker via the Nest (papiercherri) and a fellow Southern Indiana girl.

    I love your blog, I've actually kept it on my faves at work for months now. Keep up the good work, you're a total inspiration! I'm trying to lose more weight before my October wedding, but my 14 hour work days (sitting in a chair, no less) are making it extremely difficult. Your blog is a great pick me up and encourages me to not give up. Thanks! :)

  10. Great exercise this weekend! I'm impressed that you are doing the shred with 8's... I've only been able to use 5's. I find Level 2 to be the most challenging, especially those squat, v raises. Keep up the great work :-)

  11. Nicely done - you never really know what you can do until you push yourself. As you said, "take that stupid treadmill"!!!