Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reader Questions Answered

Amanda: I have to eat two packets of instant oatmeal to be full. Is that still a healthy breakfast? I would look at the calories in the two packets. If that fits into your daily allotment of calories, I don't think it's a problem (it might be around 300). You might also want to try getting a big container of the oats. A serving size is 1/2 c., maybe try eating 3/4 c. and see if that fills you up more. I've noticed that when my husband makes his cinnamon instant oats packet, he gets less in a packet than I do when I measure 1/2 c., and the calories on his are 10 more because of the added sugar in the packet.

Is regular slow cook better then instant oatmeal (in other words, is the instant stuff just as bad as sugary kids cereal)?
You can buy plain instant oatmeal that has nothing added to it. Look for "Quick Cooking Oats" in a big container, or the plain kind. It will have no added sugar, and is MUCH healthier than sugary cereals. You really have to read the labels though, to see exactly what is added to the packets. That's why I like to add my own mix-ins, so I can control the sugar and calories.

Most of the times that can keep me satisfied from 8-12, sometimes I have to have a small snack around 10 or 10:30.
That's how it works for me, too. I eat my oatmeal around 7am, then I have a banana around 10, which keeps me from getting too hungry at lunch time!
As long as you keep your calories under control, and spread out a bit, I think you're doing just fine!

Melissa: Right now I am struggling with my own weight loss. I went hard-core from July through November of last year and lost 30 pounds. Then I took December off and gained back 10 of those thirty. Well now, in January, I have been back on track again but have barely lost any weight. I am doing the same things I was before when I was steadily losing weight. What am I doing wrong? Do you have any ideas for me? It sucks to be trying so hard but not see any results and I'm really starting to get discouraged.
First off, Don't get discouraged!!! Sometimes your body doesn't respond the way it did in the past, the way you think it should, or want it to! That's ok!
Perhaps your body has adjusted to what you were doing in the past, and you need to try some new things. After I ellipticalled for so long, the results weren't as good, so I switched to c25k, and jump started my weight loss. Are you doing strength training? Maybe that is something you can incorporate. Plyometrics are great at getting the metabolism going.
You might also want to look at your diet, has it changed much? Are you not as active as you were? You can be exercising the same, but the rest of your day might be more sedentary. I know in the winter, I am less likely to add the long walks with Pumpkin, which do add up! I also don't run 4-5 miles on the weekends, I stick to 30 minutes on the treadmill, that time adds up.
I would try some new workouts, pay close attention to your calorie intake, drink lots of water, and make sure you're eating all your friends and veggies!
If things don't change after that, you might want to talk to your doctor.

Ashley: In regards to the Shred did you start by doing Level 1 with 5lb weights or what? how long did you do level 1 before moving on to level 2?
When I started shredding, I used my 5lb. weights. I did 10 days at each level for the month of June. Now I alternate between levels 2 and 3 each day.
There have been questions about the shred, whether it should be done daily, etc. My point of view is this, though you should take days off when lifting weights, I don't look at the shred as lifting, it's just toning muscle, it's not as strenuous as a weight lifting session would be where you're really working to build muscle fast. So I don't have a problem shredding daily. Also, since I alternate between levels, I am using different muscles each day so it's not overly repetetive. Every few weeks, I'll take a day off from the shred, but I love doing it daily!


  1. In regards to Question 1: I like to use one flavored instant oatmeal packet and then add regular dry oats to that and maybe some fruit. Adding the dry oats allows you to better control your portion and flavors!

  2. For the reader who isn't feeling satisfied with 1 pkg of oatmeal ... I personally would add in some fruit and maybe protein to help round out the meal rather than having 2 pkgs.

    I had a little giggle when I saw your response to Melissa. You said to make sure you're eating your "friends" and vegetables. I didn't know eating your friends was so healthy. Or ... maybe it's because fruits are your friends. It was cute :)

    Great blog by the way, I love reading it. Also informative and inspirational.

  3. :) I also was amused at your advice about making sure to eat her friends and veggies! I love funny typos!

  4. I found your blog through Katd blog and I have to give you huge kudos!! I love reading your blog and seeing your weightlose journey. CONGRATS what you have accomplished is awesome and to do it on your own is even more amazing!!!

    I too have started a fitness routine since last Jan, and am continuing it this year. I have kep off all my weight and am working on just a little more. I am NOT a runner but I have a goal to be able to run a 5k. All my cardio to date has been primarily on the treadmill with the incline. I can walk up a hill all day but suck at running. I am hoping to try some to try some of the tips you have given to acheive my goal.

    Congrats again and I will keep following your progress.

  5. Hello there! I found your blog when looking for reviews of 30 Day Shred, which I just started today. But then I looked a little closer and saw that we have similar histories - I started at 244 lbs, and I've lost 75 lbs so far. I really want to his that 100 lbs mark, but I struggle with my eating a lot. I like to run (though not on the treadmill) and I'm just now going to start a routine of eating nearly the same thing each day - oatmeal being the staple breakfast! Nice to stumble upon your blog!

  6. d*mn woman you have some great answers here. and the last one? I so believe that, when we're working out a lot, a rest day or 3 is just as beneficial as the working out.

    great post!

  7. when you box on wii what game are you using?