Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Reader Questions and some random musings...

This week, Amber asked: Were you always bigger growing up? I know I was always the chunkier kid. I was just curious if you had been smaller at some point in time, gained weight again, and lost it again.
I would say from birth to age 5 or so, I was normal weight. Then I started to gain weight once I was in kindergarden. I'm not exactly sure why it occured then, but I do remember that's when I really started to have an appetite! I was probably 7 or 8 when I started ordering off the regular menu rather than the childrens. And I could put away food for a little kid!
Many people blame the parents, but I can't blame mine. I was constantly sneaking food because I was just always hungry! I think when I graduated High School, I was about 50 lbs. overweight, and then when I hit college, it was all downhill. I was all about the freshman 15. The cafeteria had no healthy food, and I was all about the 2am Taco Bell runs.
I then started working at Starbucks, and when you first start working there, you can't help but eat and drink everything. It probably took me 6 months before I could go to work and not have any drinks or pastry samles.
I also was an RA in college for freshman girls, so when they did their 2am Taco Bell runs, they'd stop in and see if I wanted anything. Nice, but not really...
So to answer, I wasn't horribly chubby, just overweight growing up. I still played sports (softball, basketball, swimming) but I also loved to eat and be lazy during the summer. My 4 years in college was when I gained about 40 lbs.

Another question, how long was it before you saw results on 30 Day shred?
When I began the shred, I had just finished C25K, so I was in pretty good cardio shape. I didn't have much trouble completing it, I was just so sore.
I think after the first week, and the soreness was gone, I started to feel my muscles growing and the inches disappearing. After about 2 months of doing the shred daily, I really started to see muscle definition, I could feel my abs working more, and my upper body feels so much stronger.
I lost about 7 lbs. the first month I did the shred (combined with a bit of running). I still shred daily, and I continue to see and feel results (like I'm starting to get the V muscles in my lower abs, my back is getting definition, and my arms are getting much stronger).

And on to the random musings:
My next race is on April 18, It is the spring run at the YMCA. My dad is coming out to Bloomington to run it with me. There is a 5k and a 10k, so I'm not 100% sure which one I'll run. I'd like to do the 10k, but since the weather has been awful, I haven't been running much... which brings me to....
I've been running on the treadmill MWF after work, and it's torture! I have my ipod, I can watch the TV (which is on CNN always) but I still am bored out of my mind. I can do 30 minutes, then I feel like I'm going to scream from the boredom. I feel like I can keep going, I just don't want to.
Unfortunatly, the weather doesn't look like it's going to warm up any time soon.... so I'll have to suck it up and contine to at least run 3x per week.
In the off days, I've been ellipticalling, and shredding daily.

And also... since I've been really trying to kick my butt back in gear and hit -100, I've really cut calories, which combined with winter, is making me SO tired. I just have no energy anymore. Work has been really stressful and busy, I've been eating less, working out harder, and my body just doesn't have any calories to burn on staying awake, apparently! I've been putting in about 9.5 hours of sleep each night for the past 2 weeks. It's nice, but when I go up to bed to read, I fall asleep every night... I hope it's just the lack of calories and the cold of winter... who knows!
I am eating well though, a nice combo of fruits, veggies, starches and proteins, however I'm considering adding a vitamin into my diet. We'll see how things go.

What else... I'm hoping for another -2 on Friday's weigh in.
My mom has decided she wants to throw a 100 lb. party for me when I finally do lose. I'm thinking about writing Jillian Michaels and inviting her... lol
Also, I'm really enjoying this season of the Biggest Loser. Anyone else watching? Liking it as well? I feel like many of the contestants this season are likable, much different from last!
Well.... I'll be posting the results on Friday of my next weigh in....


  1. Hey there.. just a fellow Ashley stopping by. I do the 30 Day Shred as well and I love it!! I also have been watching the Biggest Loser this season (I haven't watched since it first started). I was in tears last night over Jerry versus Dan!

    A 100 lb party sounds like a great idea. You have such supportive parents. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you so much for answering my questions. It's just really nice to see someone actually accomplish all of their dreams and goals. I was thinking the other day, while reading your post, that I wouldn't be suprised if one day you are invited to go on Good morning america...or something like that. You've just been a real inspiration to a lot of people. I actually found out about your website on the nest. Somebody had mentioned it to me. Anyways, I hope you keep up the good work and I know you will. I just hope I can stay motivated to change my life. I've been blogging about my 30 day shred...and I will beging blogging on C25K again once I start up again.

    Anyways, sorry for the long post...
    Have a great day...and yes...I love the biggest loser...hated to see Jerry get kicked off :(

  3. I am addicted to the Biggest Loser. I always watch with a box of tissues nearby because everything the contestants go through is so emotional...especially the makeovers at the end. It is such an incredible journey and has such a happy ending for so many of the contestants. I think you should definitely write to Jillian. I am sure she appreciates knowing how many lives she impacts!

  4. Hi Ash

    I really am a HUGE fan of BL however, I really am disapointed with this season. I don't mind the contestants, in fact I think they picked a great group, but I just am so mad at how they sent home those 9 people in week 1. I get that they are doing it to prove a point, but it made me mad I guess because those people could probably really use being there at the ranch and all. so yeah, I will obv continue to watch and all, just wish they would bring those other folk back :)

    keep kicking butt!

  5. I heart the Biggest Looser too! :) I can't wait for next week!

    Keep up the hard work... you look fantastic!

  6. I suppose I'll stop lurking to mention that is an awesome interval program for the treadmill, which really keeps the thing entertaining for me. On days I can't get outside to run I usually do some variation of that workout to keep entertained.

  7. Good luck on your weigh in! It sounds like I need to try 30 day shred.....


  8. you can definitely get to the 100 mark, and what a better way to celebrate than a party! :) big congrats to you ahead of time! i love the biggest loser this season. I already don't really like joelle, but i love everyone else! bob really reamed her out!