Thursday, January 8, 2009

Holy Cow! No, really....

So I was on facebook earlier today, and I saw that my sister's friend posted some photos from her bridal shower in June of 2007 - 3 months after I started my weight loss life change (I know, lame, but I just can't bring myself to say 'diet' because it's really not a diet!)

So anyway, how awful do I look?! Ugh... as painful as it is for me to see photos like this, it's good because it shows me how far I've come!
It's crazy though, because I had lost 15 lbs. then, and was fitting into my size 18 dress, which made me so happy. I can remember being so happy that morning that the dress fit me and I'd lost 15 lbs.
W-O-W is all I can say.

So anyway, because I'm still SUPER self-conscious, I have to put in a more recent photo of me looking much, much better. This is of the hubs and I on Christmas Eve in my white pants - lol!

And as an aside, tomorrow is weigh day, we'll see if I've lost any of the post Christmas 7 lb. gain... I am hopeful, I've been busting my but this week!


  1. Yeah, I have seen picture of myself after losing 25-40 lbs., and being so happy and feeling so accomplished, and I still think like I look like a cow! I hate those old pictures, and I wish I could hunt them down and burn them all....New ones can be taken now, or maybe, when I hit my goal. :-)

    Good luck on your weigh in! I'm rooting for you!


  2. What a transformation! You look great! You remind me of Charlotte from Sex and the City.