Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reader Questions, the not pretty/fun stuff

Today's reader questions get into the not pretty, and not fun to talk about stuff. I hope I don't gross anyone out, or hurt your feelings! At one time, I was full of excuses too... so here it goes!

D'Rae asked: I know that this is going to sound kinda silly, but how do you find the time to exercise? That is what I am having a problem with.
Ok, time to be blunt and just put it out there.... it's not about finding time, it's about making time.
Think about all of the things you do that are optional, like waching TV or shopping.
If you have ONLY 20 minutes, do The Shred! That's all you need, and it's a great, comprehensive workout.
Make it part of your daily routine, and you'll never even think about 'having no time.'
Maybe you need to wake up a little earlier, do it then. How about a lunch break? Exercise should be a #1 priority with eating and sleeping. It's that important!

Nicole asked: I do have one questions, actually something that I have been personally concerned about. How has your skin been? Any lose skin, sagginess? Any tips in that department? My weight is in my belly and I am just worried about having rolls of skin.
As of now, I don't have any problems with skin. I am 23, so being young, my skin is still really eslastic. I also have lost the weight over 21 months now, so my body has had ample time to recover from every pound.
That's not to say when I do finally hit my goal I won't have any, but as of now it all looks normal... lol

And finally, my own little note to add...
Before I started losing weight, I was a FULL double D... and now I'm a small D. I am thrilled! I always wanted to be a little smaller :)


  1. I agree with you totally, you have to make working out a PRIORITY, and just do it. (Even when it sucks sometimes, but it's always worth it in the end!)


  2. Thanks Ashlee for the quick and honest reply. It gives me hope, LOL!

  3. I've been reading your blog for a while, but never commented until now. I just wanted to say congratulations! You look amazing! I do have a few questions (I'm sure you've probably covered these before, though):

    What is your goald weight? How tall are you? How much did you weigh when you started?

    I've been on my own journey (I hate the word diet, too! lol) since April 25, 2008 & so far, I've lost 61 pounds, but I still need to lose at least another 50 or more. I have a weight loss blog as well, but it's not nearly as popular as yours :) The website is: http://bustingmybutt.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for being an inspiration :)

  4. I knew you were going to say that! I know, I just need to find the time to do it and stick with it, but it is hard....

  5. Congratulations! You look great. Found your blog on the nest and you have motivated me to get my but in gear! We want to TTC and how can I being so overweight.
    Tomorrow is a new day. DH is curently home cleaning out the fridge and pantry.

  6. Another question... What was the breaking point for you? You know the point that you said I've got to change my life now and begin living healthier? I think motivation is an amazing thing. I am personally struggling with it right now. So, what motivates you?

  7. Just wondering how you keep from snacking during the day......I think that's my biggest problem.

  8. Exercise definitely has to be a priority and consistency is the key!

  9. hey ashlee, i just so happened to stumble on your blog when i googled "30 day shred," and i'm SO glad i did. i can't believe you've lost 81 pounds, you look so healthy and beautiful and glowing now. congrats on all that hard work.

    several years ago, i lost 50 pounds and after my recent wedding, i've put almost 15 (gasp) back on, so i've been on a health kick to get back to my original goal weight. anyway... i just wanted to comment because i think you've done something amazing, and i'm glad to see you're such a jillian michaels proponent. i'm about to try the 30 day shred for the first time this afternoon, and i'm pretty sure it'll whip my ass. :)
    keep up your good work. i subscribed to your blog so i'm sure i'll be stopping by in the future.