Tuesday, April 14, 2009

20/20 Update

A 20/20 member, Kristi, has decided to manage the google doc to chart our weight losses. You'll be getting an email from her with instructions. If you're not sure which name you are, you can email me, but I think everyone knows by now.

Also, I'd like to join a buddy group. I think you all know my personality now, how far I am from my goal, preferred exercise, etc., so if you think your group would be a good fit for me, let me know :)

Thanks so much for being so understanding about this, you're all awesome and I'm glad this challenge will still go on, just modified a bit!


  1. I think you might like our runner group - Me, Kirstie, Jill and Jacqui! Especially with your 5k per month plan. :) We'd love to have you.

  2. I think you may like to join our group, we are a group of runners as well! We could use a positive inspirational person like you in our group!