Monday, April 27, 2009

My new plan...

So in order to keep myself from the after dinner muchies, and to get back on track with 20/20, I'm going to stick with my normal exercise and be strict with calories, but also add 45 minutes on the elliptical each night. That should burn an extra 350-ish calories per day, so that's 1/2 lb. per week extra.

This morning was not good. I usually don't weigh myself during the week, but this weekend was filled with snacks becuase I was at my parents, and now I'm up 2 lbs, so I'm at 174.... ugh!!! The next 5 weeks need to be 2 lb-ers. NEED to.

I really need to get myself centered and focused and not let the stress of things I can do NOTHING about get to me.... Any tips?? I've been really good at keeping my moods leveled out, but lately I've been back to my old self where I was either super happy/on top of the world or completely down in the dumps - which led me to binge eating, and 252.5 lbs.
If I could plan a wedding and lose 47 lbs., I should be able to lose it now, right? I have to keep telling myself I CAN!

Today I'm giving blood, which always makes me feel a little better, knowing I helped save up to 4 lives :)
It's all good, right?


  1. I think you're doing an amazing job! Try not to get so down. The things that are out of our control will always be there, but the healthier you are, the better you'll be able to handle them. I have found I need to weigh myself every 2 weeks instead of every week. The half pound up and down doesn't do much to motivate me and I tend to freak out if I'm up even a little after a week.

  2. Sometimes it's easy to get down about your loss. Remember how far you have come already! You've come a long, long way to be where you are today, so don't forget that!

    Also, what helps me is I remember (And I'm working on this too, because I have been in a funk myself, lately) why I want to lose weight in the first place. Sometimes it helps to write the reasons down on post-it's and put them all over your house. Try it! It helps. Or, you could just put down on normal paper, whatever you want to do. It will give you some perspective.

    Again, don't forget how far you've come, and let that be motivation to keep going.


  3. I've been having trouble too- I've been working out every day and tracking my calories, but somehow I've only lost less than 2 pounds! It is so frustrating and makes me want to quit, but I really want to keep going and hope that the scale drops.

    This week I decided to change it up and eat a few more calories, and continue on with working out. It always makes me proud afterward, especially now that I can look back and know that I have been consistent for 5 weeks!

  4. I wonder if the 20/20 might have become more of a stress/pressure for you than a positive accountability motivator? I find that when I tell myself I *have* to or *need* to do something by a certain time, it becomes much harder than if it were just a goal I was moving towards at my own pace. I'm not saying you should give up the 20/20, but maybe just think about whether it's having a positive or negative affect on your mindset and goals.

    Don't be hard on yourself! Be proud of what you've accomplished and try to keep enjoying the process of becoming healthier and healthier. I really recommend focusing more on your health (physical and mental) than the numbers - if your health is on track, the numbers will be too.

  5. I find that if I buy myself a Fitness or Shape magazine I get motivated by reading through the articles and looking at the images of the healthy looking fit models and exercise suggestions. I also like to read the success stories and find them motivating. If you think about it, despite your goal to lose even more weight, you ALREADY ARE a success story. You have come so far. Maybe you should go back and read some of your blog entries from when you first started out your journey. Going back to where you started from may bring a source of inspiration for this last stretch! Good Luck!

  6. Ashlee, you are so inspirational. You will meet your goal! Thank you for sharing your good days and bad days with us. I think every journey (marriage, weight loss, happiness with job, relationship with God, etc.) has peaks and valleys. I know it's hard to stand back and realize it. You will overcome this setback. Also remember that you know how to lose weight! You have lost 80 pounds already. You can do this!

  7. Don't get down on yourself. You are very healthy and in great shape. Even if you do have a bad day you are never going to be back at 250 just because of how aware you are now!
    I think the elliptical sounds like a great idea. I also have a night munching problem and try to keep myself as busy as possible at night. Do you have an elliptical at your house or are you going back to the gym to do that?

  8. For me, when the worry or stress is something I CAN NOT control, I repeatedly remind myself that WORRYING IS PRAYING FOR WHAT I DO NOT WANT.

    it helps me to refocus BACK on things I can control in my life.

  9. You may want to consider splitting your workouts up. For example, run in the morning and do some aerobics/weights/eliplical at night. Doesn't have to be long, but because you're working out twice a day your metabolism gets a real shot in the arm.

    Also, sit down once a week, plan out your week's workouts and write them down. Put them somewhere you can see them often. Cross them out as you complete them, and at the end of the week reward yourself, but only if you've done them all. Don't forget to build in some rest days too.

    As for the munchies, make sure you're drinking enough water. Oddly enough, that can trigger feelings of hunger. So next time try a glass of water instead and see if that works.

    Other than that, keep it up. Look at what you've already achieved, the number of people you've inspired, how it felt to smash that 30 minute 5k barrier, and how much better you feel about yourself.

    You rock girl!!!

  10. Maybe you should "vent write", write down everything that is bugging you, stressing you out brutally honest and real...then you can decide if you want to publish it or delete....i think it would make you feel better to get it out?...i think you look great and you are being healthy, don't forget to take care of your heart and soul along with your body!'re a package deal you know!

  11. If I get to the point where I am stressed and want to eat I;
    - drink warm tea instead. It calms me down and I add a wee bit of sugar and fat free half and half or skim milk and it;s like a dessert only a little healthier and just relaxes me...
    - I call a friend, talk to the hubs, etc.
    - I write down why I am eating each thing so I have to work for it.

  12. You're such an inspiration! Keep it up! I just left you an award on my blog !

  13. checking back in on you.
    hows the centering and FOCUSING and letting the stress fall away going?

  14. Ashlee, I know that you will do this. I am a 3 year member of LCR. I have been following your blogs since Pastor sent a link.

    I am so impressed with what you have done and what you are doing. I am 67and am recovering from a knee replacement.

    I have lost 45 lbs since May 2005. I have 75 to go. You are an inspiration to me. Don't give up on yourself because you are a winner!


  15. Ashlee, you inspire us so much...what inspires you? Other bloggers? Family members? Who is it that drives you to the gym and makes you want to be fit and healthy? I sometimes find it helpful to take a couple of days "off" and refocus on what I set out to do. There is no rush! I know that I get caught up in "I have to lose X amount of weight by Y date" and it really stresses me out. Maybe setting a deadline is stressing you out in the same way and just doing your best might be better fit for you? I hope you don't think we are trying to tell you what to do or that we know better...that certainly isn't the case! Remember that most goals are arbitrary to begin with; there is rarely rhyme or reason why we set out to lose a certain amount of weight to begin with. Being healthy and living an active lifestyle are far more noble goals than a certain pound loss :) Best of luck!