Monday, April 13, 2009

The Challenge

I've been reflecting on this for the past week, and I've come to a decision about the future of the blog and the challenge. I don't want this to come across as negative and like I'm abandoning the challenge, but it's grown into this black hole in my life. I sincerely want everyone to reach their goals and I'm more than happy to help, but it's taking up so much time and it has become a distraction rather than a motivator for me.
Also, I am not qualified to be giving out some of the advice people are asking me for and I really think some people should seek professional help rather than be contacting me. I simply don't have the time to be recording everyones progress and sorting thru them to find out who is losing and who reached milestones and then there are some people who are just not emailing me back and I just honestly can't be putting so much effort into this when I'm getting nothing back from it except emails telling me what I've forgotten to do or what I still need to do, whose name is wrong and who I forgot to record, etc.

I'm still going to challenge myself, and I hope you all challenge yourselves too, keep in touch with your buddy groups, go to chats, etc., however I am not going to be tracking weight each week, sending chat transcripts, etc. This could honestly be a full time job, and I already have one of those!
I'll make a post each week with my personal loss, and you all can respond with yours, I'm really happy to hear your success stories, but the dedication of time is just too much for me right now.
And just to clear some things up, this blog isn't just about the challenge and for the challenge, it's about how I became and continue to be healthy. If people have problems with my posts are SuperFoods, just don't read the blog. If you think I'm too preachy about organics and green lifestyles, don't read. I don't want to alienate people, but no one is forcing you to read this.

I do want to thank all of the people who have been so kind to me and believe me, I know there are more nice and thankful people than rude/mean. Honestly, I just don't have the time to do this for 167 people when it's really not motivating me at all, just stressing me out.
Best of Luck!


  1. I can only imagine how overwhelming this has become for you! Thanks for starting this challenge, and I'm definitely going to keep challenging myself personally. Best of luck with those last few pounds!! :) You are doing great!

  2. Ash, I'm sorry that this became a source of stress for you! I know you had the best of intentions when you started... After all, who could have guessed there would be such a HUGE interest!

    There are some of us who love and appreciate all the hard work you do to make YOURSELF the best that it can be...

    I'm so glad you know that it ISN'T your job to make other people change, and I'm glad that your focus is what it always should be... yourself.

    Much, much, love... and I hope you'll take a deep breath and keep updating those of us who are cheering for YOU and watching you change YOUR life forever.

    That 100lb party is going to rock, and you'll have made it all happen.


  3. Wow, sorry that this became so stressful for you. Good luck with losing your remaining pounds and reaching your goal of 100 pounds lost.

  4. Hi Ash

    I just want to say you are super inspirational and I am sure a lot of people will be thankful for even helping them get started. In a really selfish way, I kind of missed the "old" ash is fit blog, so I am excited for what's to come :)

    Keep kicking butt

  5. Thanks for everything you did and for at least getting 167 people started on an amazing journey! Congrats on yours so far and good luck going forward!

  6. I am so sad that this has become so overwhelming. I know how that feels and it is not a place of motivation... I know our buddie group is going to continue to motivate eachother. We are all rooting for you! Please know that you will continue to have my support. ;)

  7. I just want to say that you've done MORE than enough for us! No one could have predicted that your challenge would take on the interest it did, and no one person would be able to keep up with it! (Especially with a full time job!)

    Regardless of whether the Challenge is "official" or not, you put me in touch with 5 amazing women, who I plan on keeping in touch with. We have all made plans to run 5k's and that goes on whether the 20/20 challenge does or not. :-)

    Please DO NOT feel guilty or like you let us down. Like Colleen said, you are responsible for helping 167 people start this - you are not responsible for helping them finish. Having the motivation to get started is the hardest part - the rest is up to us.

    Congratulations on your success so far, and I for one will be waiting for the day that you post your 'official' 100 pounds lost.

    Thanks for everything, and keep blogging! We promise to be less high-maintenance from now on! :-)


  8. Wow! That's sad that people were giving you such a hard time. I'm sorry it became so stressful to you. I enjoy reading your blog and checking out your recipes (though usually far to complicated for the likes of me :) ).

    You are very inspirational and I love seeing peoples' progress. It has been a great way to get me remotivated and start losing these final pounds. I think you posting about your progress each week and people commenting with theirs is a great alternative to keep the challenge "going", but more out of your hands. You've done so much already. 167 people is amazing!

    Thanks again for doing what you do. You really motivated me to jump back onto the weight loss/healthy living bandwagon!

  9. I'm sorry it got so stressful! I could tell it was a BIG job! I will be sticking with the challenge and checking in with my buddies though! :)

  10. Ashlee,

    Thank you SO much for getting me started on this. I needed that little push to get going and I can't be more grateful to you for giving me that.

    You are an amazing inspiration and you will continue to inspire more and more as you continue your weight-loss journey.

    Take care of YOU first, the rest of us will follow your lead.

    Thank you again - I'm looking forward to sharing my excitement with you when we both reach our goals!

    Jess T.

  11. Ash, in the first place this was supposed to be fun - don't beat yourself up over it! I'm just glad that you started this and kicked my weight loss into action! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and keep on kicking butt!

  12. Who knew this would get so big! You can see that you have touched a nerve with very many people who are all hoping to change their lives for the healthier in the same way that you are doing.

    HOWEVER.... Your first responsibility is to YOURSELF and if this is sucking too much time and energy then it's not a good thing and must take a back seat. You only have so many hours and so much physical and spiritual energy and you have to protect yourself.

    Like those airplane safety announcements - do your own oxygen before helping others!

    This is your life and your blog and you must take it wherever you need it to go. Either we go along or we don't!

    I'm still going to do the 20 week challenge because it is keeping me on track and giving me a goal.

    And I'll still be reading your posts and enjoying them!

  13. Ash-I have followed your blog for a LONG time now and you are a HUGE inspiration for anyone in a weight loss journey. Thank you for starting the 20/20 and getting 167 of us on the right path!

    Don't let anyone get to you! You, again, are an inspiration. Don't feel as you left anyone down!

    As you said your main focus needs to be on Ash and not 167 other people, just think of all the compassion you hold for weight loss and for others to even get the 20/20 up and running and motivating us!

    I can't wait to hear about your 100lb party!

    Good luck!

  14. I can't add anything else to what everyone else has said. This was the motivation I needed and I am glad that you started it. Do not feel guilty. I was wondering how you were doing it. I love reading your blog and have gotten lots of ideas. I appreciate you.

    Maybe at the end of the challenge you can do an update or something.

    Thank you again.

  15. Ash, thanks for being so open and honest. Don't feel bad about this decision.

    You've motivated so many people. The only reason I decided to finally crack down and lose those last 20 pounds was because of this challenge.

    So thank you. I don't need to see everyone's weight loss every week to keep me motivated and you don't need the extra stress in your life.

    I think you've already accomplished what you set out to do and you should be proud for starting something great.

  16. Thanks for starting the challange & giving some of us that lil kick we needed. your blogs are awesome so keep up the good work!

  17. Well said! I agree that blogging can become a full-time job. I can't imagine how stressful putting together all that stuff got!

  18. *hugs* Sorry it turned out to be so stressful for you. I totally understand.

  19. I wasn't part of the challenge but I enjoy reading your blog and always check to see if you have new posts when I get home from work. I think that you are an amazing person and sometimes I have wondered how you have the time to fit in all that you do. I agree wholeheartedly that you should focus on your OWN journey and spend time doing what you love to do. You have already influenced so many people with your stories and your success and that is plenty to be proud of!

  20. That is alot of people, and alot responsibility. I think I would feel the same way as you : /

  21. Thanks for starting the challenge. You are an inspiration and your blog is great! Thanks for jump starting me to think of my goals! You already look amazing good luck on the rest of your journey!

  22. I think your blog is great, I read every single new post.

    I'm really amazed that people feel the need to leave snarky anonymous comments. Among the millions of boring blogs out there, I wouldn't include your blog in that category.

    It kind of seems like a lot of people not only find you inspirational, but need someone to hold their hand for weight loss. Weight loss is a personal initiative, and you've done a great job inspiring sooo many people. It's really shouldn't be your job to hold their hand the rest of the way. This isn't a how-to blog, it's an inspirational blog, and ultimately I think a blog should be about you anyways. :)

  23. You Go girl! Don't worry about us we'll be fine! Thanks for starting this it's been a huge inspiration!

  24. Ash,
    You were a huge inspiration BEFORE the challenge (how do you think so many people joined?) Don't worry about it. This is your journey and you need to do what is best for you. :)

  25. I'm sad to hear people are giving you grief about what you post on YOUR blog. So silly. Thanks for all the effort and I will continue the challenge. I can only imagine how much work it is, in addition to real life. Thanks for getting this together and good luck!

  26. I can imagine that managing all those people would be tough! Don't be discouraged, I'm sure everyone understands. Just for the record I love both of your blogs!

  27. Hey Ash, I really enjoy reading your blog but please don't stop doing the Superfoods thing, it's one of my favorite parts!