Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 5, Group Chat Tonight!

Reminder - Group Chat tonight, 8pm EST

Week 5 Results: 0 lbs. lost
Overall loss: -2.5 lbs.
Behind my own goal and group goal - 2.5 lbs :(

A topic to discuss at group chat - STRESS!!! And how it effects your eating habits, workout habits, or overall state of mind.
(Yeah, this one's really for me... enlighten me, please... because I just can't handle it anymore!)

Hope you're all on track with -5, and hope to see you all tonight at the chat.
I could really use some motivation and a swift kick in the butt! Thanks :)


  1. I'm down 5.5 lbs, so am slightly on target, but we are going away for a week and will be eating out for three meals a day so am a bit worried.... Lots of walking round castles though so that should burn some fat off...

    I am not sure what to tell you about your stress. It's entirely valid - you are very busy right now! Get enough sleep and work out the things that you can drop or cut back on to preserve your sanity. There is only so much time in the day and only so much you can do. What can you cut corners on for a while and what can you personally not let get dropped? Only you can answer that!

    It is tempting to go to bed late when you are over-busy or your mind is whirling , but how much actual concrete work do you get done during that time? If you are anything like me, not much. So cut your losses and go to bed and get enough sleep!

    And finally to end this sermon (!) remember that everything comes to an end some time. The busy season ends, the exams are over, the project gets done (or not....) but the time goes on and one day the stress has moved on too.

    Keep on smiling!

  2. This is me...kicking you in the the nice kind of way! You are motivational in so many ways Ash, just keep chugging along and the results will follow. Everyone plateaus every once in a while and just think, a -2.5 is way better than a +2.5.