Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Re-Cap

I had such a great Easter weekend!
Exercise: On Saturday, Kristine and I (below) went to Lunken Airport to run the 5 mile bike/run/walk trail. The trail start moved, but Kris didn't know, so we ended up parking 1/4 mile away from the start/finish, so we did 5.5 miles. I ran it in 58 minutes, which I'm super excited about! At the end, my knees were pretty sore, but I felt good! It's the longest run I've been on since the Thanksgiving 10k, so it felt really good to get back out there and run far on a new trail.
The trail itself is around the airport, and I hate planes, so it was a little scary having planes fly overhead... but I survived - lol.
The first 1.5 - 2 miles are straight and LONG... you just keep running as far as you can see, basically the length of a runway! That section is right next to the very top green looking snake that's really a creek, the paved trail is right next to it. I'll definitely go back to Lunken next time I'm at home in addition to the 5 Mile trail because Lunken is good for distance and working on endurance, and the 5 Mile Trail is good for hill training.
We had planned another run today, but it was cold and raining, so we opted out. I'm thinking I'll do a Jill video tonight.

Food: I didn't do so hot there. Good thing I exercised to make up for it :) I met up with my friends Jay and Mike and Moe's, but to be healthy, I got a streaker burrito (no wrap) with no chips, so that was good. For breakfast each day I had oatmeal, nothing extravagant. What killed me most was the chocolate and cookies. I love some Easter chocolate :)

This week I'll have to be really careful to stick with my calories....My April 5k is on Saturday, the YMCA Spring Run. My dad is coming out from Cincinnati to run with me - yay!

Now my favorite part of Easter - the egg hunt! This year, JJ was in Iowa with the baseball team and Becky is in Switzerland, so only Kris, Dan and I were home. Kris helped mom hide the eggs, and Dan and I were the hunters. I found 2 dozen and he found 1. I'm the champ :)


  1. Ash, you look amazing in that blue top! Glad you had a nice Easter

  2. Lookin' good, chica! ;) You did an awesome job over the weekend!

  3. I didn't realize you (your family, I guess) lived so close to my old stomping grounds - I grew up around Anderson/Mt. Washington! When i worked Downtown, I would drive by Lunken every day!

    Unfortunately, marriage (and job) have taken me to Middletown now, but I'd so rather still be in the Anderson/Eastgate area!

    Small world, Ashlee! :-)

  4. You look so good in that top! Great job this weekend on finishing the race, you are awesome.

    Also, in response to the post below, I'm so sorry that the challenge became stressful for you. It was supposed to be fun and recreational not a second job. Good for you for remembering that it is NOT your job and that you are not indebted to or responsible for anyone else's happiness but your own. Keep up the good work. I'm loving the superfood challenge, though, and I love hearing your thoughts on nutrition/eating green/etc. Just write about whatever makes you happy/interests you...this blog is for you and no one else.