Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Find a realistic role model

When I decided that I really was going to lose weight and stick with it, I knew I needed to have a reasonable role model. I wanted someone I could talk to, someone that I could trust and confide in, someone that would cheer me on, but also tell it like it is, and someone who I could physically compare myself to... My big sister!
Kristine is 2 years older than me, and has been a wonderful big sister to me. She's always been physically fit (recently ran a 1/2 marathon!), so she was a great choice in that respect. She also is the same height as me, and we have the same body shape (Zorn hips and thighs...), so we can talk weight, clothes size, etc. She also is very intelligent and understanding, and really encouraging to me. She also has always told me like it is though, without judging me, and isn't that what sisters do??
Of course I've had quite a few inspirational people who I will blog about later, but my role model for sure, is my big sister :)

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