Friday, July 18, 2008

Get Your Sleep, and Stay on Schedule!

Ahhh, my first grown-up bed, what I always dreamed of, a dark wood sleigh bed with my Nautica sheets and comforter... Make your bed a happy place, it will do your body good!

Most people know there's a big correlation between sleep and weight loss/gain. I like schedules, they work for me, they keep me from being stressed. Through college, sleep was so random, all nighters during the week, sleeping all day on the weekends... that led to weight gain! When I was finally into the real world with an 8-5 job, the routine really helped me out. As much as I miss sleeping in, I feel groggy all day when I do. Luckily I have Pumpkin to keep me from sleeping past 7 on the weekends!
I don't know that it matters what your sleep schedule is as long as you're getting your 8 hours, but mine is 10:30pm-6:30am, maybe 11-7 on the weekends!
When you're tired, you're much less likely to work out, according to many studies.
So often I find myself torn between watching a TV show or getting to bed... but now I choose to go to bed. Not only for weight loss, but for overall health, and after all, that's what this is about - a healthy lifestyle for the long run.


  1. Hey! I came here from I just wanted to tell you how awesome your blog is and also what an inspiration you are to me to lose weight. I just had a baby and currently have 50 lbs to lose. Seeing your before and after pictures are really motivating to me. I just bought an elliptical and can't wait to get it home so I can use it! You mentioned that you have some posts to come such as eating organic and vegetarianism. I am so interested in that so I hope that you will post about those two topics in particular soon!