Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reader Questions Answered

Today's Reader's Question comes from Melissa!
I've been doing pretty good with my healthy eating and calorie counting (around 1200 a day) but there are a few days where I just can't control my cravings and I end up screwing up. Do you ever have this problem and if so, how do you deal with it?

I definitely have cravings often! I have found that at night, all I want is anything chocolate and sweets. While I would love to be able not indulge, sometimes I do! I try to find better alternatives, however, to satisfy the cravings.

When I want chocolate, I like to get fat free pudding pops (preferably no sugar added, watch the calories!) or eat some chocolate pudding. Every now and then, I'll even make some lower in fat cookies. No, they're not chewy and buttery, but they still have chocolate! You can see them here, on my cooking blog. If you're not a great baker from home, try no pudge brownies.

Because this is a lifestyle change, I look at it this way, I cannot stop eating chocolate all together, or sweets, cookies, etc. However, I can find a healthier alternative, and I can eat that instead!

It is also VERY important to remember (and I'm telling myself this, everyone else can just overhear me): Take it one day at a time. This isn't a diet, you don't have to hit goals by exact dates, this is a lifestyle change. Just because you have one bad night, doesn't mean you should say screw it, back to my old ways... There's always tomorrow to turn it around! So you had a high calorie lunch, eat a lighter dinner. Don't skip the workout at night because you went way over on your calories for the day.
Too many times I would go really strong for a month or two, have one bad day, then throw it all away. It's not about how fast you lose the weight (because now, I'm not trying to get it off as fast) it's about your quality of life, moderation, and realizing that it's not ruined by one bad meal or one skipped workout.
::Steps off soapbox::

Seriously, all directed toward myself :)


  1. Very motivating, Ashlee!!! Makes me feel better about my Mexican last night. :) At least I ran my 2 miles this morning!!!

  2. Great advice!

    I love your blog and your story is very motivational, especially to someone just starting out losing weight and getting healthy.

  3. Thank you! I am feeling better about things today. Just going to start fresh today. Thanks so much for the motivation and awesome advice!

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE No Pudge brownies!

  5. Very motivating. I will actually look into getting those low fat jello pops. Thanks for the reccomendation.

    You give great advice and are very inspiring. WTG and keep it up.