Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reader Questions Answered:

Today's questions come from Carrie...

How long did the 75 lb weight loss take you? I began in April 2007, and hit -75 on July 1, so it's taken me 16 months.

I can't remember from your blog - did you follow a weight loss program? or just watched what you ate and exercised? Basically, I have had a lifestyle change completely. I wouldn't consider myself on a diet because what I've done is simply change the way and amounts I eat, but still eat most of the same food that I love. I'm using portion control as well as subbing in lower in calorie foods.
I also have been very dedicated to being active, try to workout in some way every single day.
It may seem like a long time to lose the 75 lbs., but I wanted it to be slow and steady, I didn't want to 'diet,' I wanted a complete lifestyle change.

Can you give me some more info on the journal? The journal I used, I Will Lose Weight This Time, is set up like a reference book with helpful tips, as well as a guide to calories and fat in certain foods, it also has interactive sections where you can record your weight loss goals, it encourages many small goals. It also has a place for you to put your measurements and a picture.
I used the food diary section for the first 3 months of my weight loss process, just so I could get used to counting calories and remembering how many were in each food I ate. It also has little stickers for you to put on the day when you did a good job!
The daily journal has a place for your weight, foods you've eaten, and exercise, so you can keep track of it all.


  1. Awesome - this makes me even more excited to start my journey (for the bazillionth time). But really, it's time. Time for a lifestyle change.

    Thanks :)

  2. Very proud of you. Hopefully I will reach my goal of losing 30 pounds this year. I have more than that to lose but want to take baby steps right now.