Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 Race Schedule

It's finally race season again! This year I'm going to try to do 1 5k each month from March thru December (if I can find races). My last 5k time was 32:50, so I'm going to aim to beat that for my first 5k, and then I'll try to cut my time 30 seconds each month.
I was planning for my 2009 inaugural race to be in April and the Y's spring run, but I saw a sign up in my neighborhood for the Habitat 5k, which is this weekend, March 28!

It takes place on the IU campus, here's the website for more info: IU Habitat 5k

April is the Spring Run at the YMCA, where I work. I was on the fence about whether I'd run the 5 or 10k, and I decided on the 5k. Many of you said don't worry about being last, but my self confidence lost and I don't want to be last!
This race will also be special because my dad is coming out to Bloomington to run the 10k that morning. He aims to beat his age when he runs 10k's, which would be 54:00! He calls himself the grey stallion :) It will be fun to have him cheering me on at my 5k, and I'll cheer him on during the 10k!

For May, I'll be running the Coach Hep Cancer Challenge 5k. Coach Hep was IU's football coach, he unfortunately died of brain cancer. He was a fantastic coach, and all around a great man. He really left his mark on IU after only coaching for 2 years!
This race is fun because there are cycling races, family walks, and a 5k. Here's the website for more info: http://coachhepcancerchallenge.org/
You even get some red shoe laces for the race!

For June, I'll hopefully be running the East Fest 5k in Bloomington. That's as far as I've scheduled for so far.
I love running 5k's because they're short, fun, and don't take a lot of training! Hopefully all of these races will really get me fast and prepared for the 100th running of the Cincinnati Thanksgiving Day 10k!

I know a few girls in the 20/20 Challenge are working on the c25k program. I highly encourage you to go ahead and sign up for a 5k at about the time you will finish the program. It will really motivate you to make it through all 8 weeks.
It is fun to run races with people, but I've done some on my own, all of these will be too - so don't be discouraged if you have no one to run with :)


  1. That is an awesome idea. If I sign up for a race, I can't back out right!? I just did my first 5K two weekends ago and it was awesome to run with all those other people!! I'm going to go google! :)

  2. Cool idea. U are my SHE-ro. Your posts are inspirational and motivational.

  3. Good luck in your upcoming races. I just started doing races this year. Did a 5K (32:46) and an 8K (49:14) in February. Then I have a 10K on Apr 5th and alos on Apr 19th. But after reading your post I'm thinking I should make some plans for after that to keep going!!

    Your Dad's goal time is awesome!! I'd love to be in that range.

  4. Good for you. You can do it. Since I began racing last year, I have become obessed with finding the next race to do. I actually took a calendar we weren't using and marked it up with all the races I want to do. Most are local but a few are out of state. I want to say you are in Southern Ohio, I could be wrong, but if you ever come to Cleveland/Akron area for a race, let me know and I will join you.

  5. I want to let everyone know you can go to active.com to find races in your area. Just type in your zip or city and you can get a list of various races/runs in your area!