Thursday, March 19, 2009

Step 8: Develop Healthy Snacktime

Snacking. It's unavoidable! I don't really snack much during the week, but on the weekends I could graze all day long.

One important thing to remember is that these are estimates, your actual calorie count will differ, and make sure you measure so you know you're getting the correct serving size!

200 Calorie Snacks:
-12 Almonds (169) and 1 clementine (25) = 194 calories
-1 Apple (70) plus 1 tbsp. Organic, Natural Peanut Butter (100) = 170 calories
- 1 Banana (100) sliced in 1 c. Nonfat Yogurt* (100) = 200 calories
-^1 c. cubed canteloupe (55), 1 c. honeydew (61), 1 c. strawberries (59) = 175 calories
-1 oz. goat cheese* (75), 15 kashi TLC crackers (130) = 205 calories
-1 serving baby carrot sticks (65), 2 sargento lowfat natural string cheeses (100), 1 c. celery hearts (19) = 184 calories
- ^12 pieces brown rice vegetable sushi roll = 270 calories (soy sauce is extra calories!)
-24 cherries (90), Newman's 100 calorie mini popcorn pack (100) = 190 calories
-2 slices light wheat bread (80), 1 tsp. mustard (5), 2 oz. natural (I like boar's head) deli turkey, sliced* (60), 1 baseball sized sliced tomato (30) = 175 calories (yes, a sandwich for 175 calories!)
-^2 tbsp. hummus* (50), 1 c. cucumber slices (40), 1 oz. rice creackers (110) = 200 calories
- 1 large organic hard boiled egg (70), 1 whole wheat matzoh (100) = 170 calories
-1 whole wheat english muffin (130), 1 tbsp. honey (64) = 194 calories
-5 dried figs (105), 1 c. vanilla soy milk (100) = 205 calories
- 1 nectarine (60), 1 oz pistachios (160) = 220 calories
- 1 pear (110), 1/2 oz. dark chocolate chips* (80) = 190 calories
Ok, I'll try to come up with more as the weeks go by... those should give you some ideas! Just remember if you do get prepackaged snacks, read the ingredients and make sure it's not full of chemicals and additives. Try to stick with organics and reputable brands, like Kashi and Newman's Own.
*Please read your label and find yogurt close to the calories listed, or adjust your snack
^Photographed above


  1. am i the only one feeling totally overwhelmed by all these steps?

    don't get me wrong, they're very helpful and informative. i just think i would feel better if i could focus on a couple steps per week.

    maybe i'm the only one who feels this way?

  2. I'm a bit overwhelmed too but I am not going to change my current methods too much as I seem to be plodding along at a reasonable pace so far. When I reach the inevitable plateau then I'll go back and read again!

    Well, I'm in Japan, land of the rising sun, so I have the results of my first weigh in and measurements for the challenge! I have translated from cms/kg to ins/lbs so they come in decimal fractions but you get the general idea.

    Here goes:

    Weight 150 lbs (Nice even start point there!!)

    Bust 35.4 in
    Underbust 31.1 in
    Waist 31.5 in
    Belly button circumference 35 in
    Hips 39.8 in
    Thigh 24 in

    There, one entry for your spreadsheet!

  3. It is overwhelming. Have you ever talked to a Weight Watchers member? At WW, they ease you into the program, letting you focus on food for 3 weeks before you ever start introducing exercise, then you build in exercise gradually so that one day you're not sitting on the couch eating chips for a snack and the next, you're on a perfect meal plan running a half marathon.

    Maybe you can try taking one step per week or FOCUSING on one step per week. Maybe some steps don't seem to apply to you. Use whatever information that FEELS right for you. Remember, at the end of the day, it's calories in / calories out (without going too low on the in part, of course) but dealing with that in ways that are comfortable for you is your call.

    We'll all be here if you need help or support. I know I certainly haven't mastered my food, and if I map out everything to eat for the week, it feels way too rigid for me, so I'm logging food like crazy, finding my weaknesses and mending them.

    You're not alone in this!! And you CAN do it!! :o)

  4. What type yogurt would you suggest? I have found the Dannon Light n Fit to be quite affordable but they seem pretty "empty". Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. I like to eat organic plain or vanilla yogurt. i try different kinds, usually whatever is cheapest :)

  6. I'm actually really enjoying all the steps, they're really fun and informative and you can choose what to implement and when to implement it. I'm not "signing up" for the 20/20, but I'm going to be doing it privately, and following the blog. I'm enjoying the steps and hope they keep coming!

    I also bought a scale today - I haven't weighed myself in years. Scales are scary to me, so my first weigh in today is going to be hard. I don't have a ton of weight to lose, 15-20 pounds, but seeing the number (no matter what it is) is always uncomfortable for me.

  7. Holy cow. Your blog is phenomenal. I wish I had found you online before the challenge started. I LOVE the snack suggestions. So helpful!!