Thursday, March 19, 2009

Educate Yourself! (The library is a candystore!)

I am more than happy to reiterate the health and fitness information I learn... but there is so much information out there to be consumed! I can't possibly blog all of the information I absorb because there is just so much, but please know that whatever factual information I give out on this blog does come from published sources.

Now call me a nerd, but I absolutely love the library.... it's my candy store! I just want to run through it and pull out every book and engorge myself in the knowledge! I go every Sunday and take out novels for pleasure and education, cookbooks, health related books, and all things inbetween. It's simply amazing the amount of information that is right at your fingertips - and free! Right now I am making my way through 3 books, one is the American Heart Association's Low Calorie Cookbook, one is a Superfoods Infomation and Cookbook (arranged by season), and the last is Jillian's Winning by Losing. Many of the cookbooks you can find provide nutritional information, making calorie counting MUCH EASIER!
I learn so much every time I pick up one of these books, but it can also be overwhelming, especially the Superfoods book. There are so many nutrients and vitamins and minerals and elements to food that your body needs, it can be scary to think you're not getting everything you need. However, as long as you're eating a rainbow of foods, you should have your bases covered. I'm going to do a little more research about vitamins, and blog about that (as well as some other supplements).

Here's one of my current books, which I'm fascinated by, and I strongly encourage you to check out:

Now I know not everyone likes to read books. Hard for me to understand because I love them, but I do know that most people will pick up a magazine. My mom gets Prevention, which I enjoy reading when I'm at home. There are tons of health magazines out there, as well as Cooking Light. I strongly encourage you to check these out at the library, or get a subscription. Sometimes you can even find magazine bundles by common interest, like here: Buy 2, Get 1 Free, or this Fitness/Shape/Natural Health/Bundle!
The great thing about magazines is they have current information, unlike books which can be outdated. They often have information about the latest fads in food and exercise, as well as any current health concerns. They also are seasonal, which is great for produce and weather related exercise!

Lastly, if you don't like to read, or you don't have time, try listening to health and fitness related radio shows, podcasts, or books on tape! Jillian Michael's talk radio show is on every Sunday from 9-11, but is also available for download to an ipod!
I love listening to her talk show because she really gears it towards people who are trying to lose the last 20 lbs, but she also gives so much insight about the benefits of eating clean, organic, and healthy foods. She also takes listeners calls and is just in general a huge wealth of information. So much of what I blog about stems from her shows and books.
I know there are some C25K podcasts out there as well, I've not used them, but I know some people really like them.

I'm sure there are other ways of learning more about health and fitness, these are just a few examples. I really can't say enough about how empowered you will feel, and how it will change your decisions about food and exercise when you understand the science of it. Not only will you think twice about what you put in your mouth, but you'll feel so smart, and you'll want to share the information you learn.
Knowledge is power, people! And it's all FREE!!!


  1. Great suggestions. Sparkpeoplecom also is a great resources for articles about fitness, nutrition,recipes and wellness. I love their articles. I have learned a lot from this site.

  2. Hi Ashlee,
    The picture of the book you mentioned in your blog, does not show up. Can you tell me what it is?
    I am a nerd too and I LOVE to read.
    I subscribe to Fitness and Health magazines and I love them both!
    I am ready for this challenge!!

  3. The library is fantastic. Just don't be like me and take out a whole bunch of books then not return them on time and end up with a massive late fee. But I can still go in there and read for free. I've also stopped buying magazines and go read them at the library. Less waste on the environment and free for my wallet. Plus, bonus, it's super quiet in there and I get alone time!!

  4. Agreed, Heidi! It's easy to make copies too--.10 or .20 cents well spent! A friend of mine compiled a binder full of helpful exercises and tips from magazines when she began working out regularly... a good idea, I think.