Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Welcome to SuperFoods month!

Overall wellness is primarily based on what you put in your mouth. Yes, excercise is important, but what you eat is where it all begins. It doesn't matter how many miles you run, if your diet isn't rich in vitamins, minerals, and wholesome, healthy food, you will not be well.
I have decided to dedicate April to superfoods on this blog, and my cooking blog, A Year in the Kitchen.

As I read more and more about health and food, I become more and more passionate about the quality of the foods I eat. If you browse back though A Year in the Kitchen, you'll find an abundance of superfoods in my everyday meals. This month, I've decided to choose one superfood or superfood 'sidekick' to blog about each day. I will post here about the benefits and nutritional information about the superfood or sidekick, and I'll create or find a fun, fresh, new approach to preparing the superfood in a meal, which I'll blog about on my cooking blog.
I think you'll be surprised at how many superfoods you already eat, but you will also be faced with a few easy changes you can make to include more superfoods!

If you'd like, you can add the button (on the right in my blog layout) to your blog and link back to here or my fit blog to let your readers know about superfoods month.

Thank you so much to Emily for creating the banner and button for me :) She's amazing!


  1. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to see the recipes.

  2. What a great idea! I can't wait to learn more and try the recipes.

  3. Yea! I'm excited! Thanks Ash

  4. Love the superfood idea! Also, congrats on your race! Re: polls -- best time for me would be way early in the morning. That's not good for most I know, esp. since I live in the Eastern time zone. I'll vote, but know that I probably won't be there -- not b/c I don't want to, but b/c I'm either in prime mom time or crashed out in bed (post prime mom time) :).

    Thank you again for all of this, Ashlee. You rock.

  5. I love reading about food. whfoods.com is the bomb.

  6. Awesome. I would be curious to find the info on that acai berry. I have heard good and bad things about it.
    Thanks for this!

  7. Hi!! I just found your blog a few days ago and I just want to say that you are awesome! you seem to have such a great spirit and keep up with the blog consistently! Congratulations on all of your hard work!