Monday, March 16, 2009


So when I checked my email this morning, I think I recieved an additional 20 sign-ups, bringing this group to close to 60 right now! In order for me to keep everyone straight and manage this, please email me at my new email I created for the challenge...
When you email, please copy and paste this, and fill it out, all of the fields are optional, this will be shared with the group and posted on the blog, so if you don't want anything known, you can make an alias or whatever.
Anyone can still sign up, but please send me this email by Friday - weigh in day! I'll be communicating through group emails as well as posting on the blog!

Blogger Name:
Real first name:
Do you want to be in group emails:
Do you want to have your name/blog posted on AshIsFit?:

I've had a lot of people ask me what they need to do to be in it.
1 - Send me an email with that info
2 - Do Steps 1 and 2 on the blog

Remember, the new email is:

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