Sunday, March 8, 2009


I've been contemplating doing the 5k or 10k at the Spring Run on April 18. I was at first worried I wouldn't get the training in to increase my mileage from 3 to 6 because all winter, I was running inside, and I'd stop at 3 miles. Well on Saturday, I got up and went for a run on the trail and I did a little over 3 miles in 34 minutes. Then I was supposed to meet my mom at her gym for a class, but I was early, so I ran on the treadmill and did another 2 miles in 20 minutes...
So I did 5 miles, though seperate, I think it's proof that in 1 month, I'll have little trouble with the mileage.
But then I looked at last year's results, and only 150 people ran the 10k, and if I did it in 69 minutes (which is what I did my first 10k in back on Thanksgiving Day), I'd come in 146th place, which is 5th from last...
So do I want to risk the chance of being last and do the 10k? Or do I focus on getting my time down and doing the 5k and setting a PR there? I have another 5k scheduled for May 17, but no other 10k's until Thanksgiving again...
I love running 10k's, where it's a push to finish, I get my rhythm, I feel the challenge, and I feel so accomplished when I'm done....but I don't want to be last. I have self confidence issues! I think the only way I'll really feel challenged in the 5k is if I really push myself on time, but I struggle with speed, especially when I'm running outside. I've been working on HIIT on the treadmill, but for some reason, when I run outside, it's so different.

Hmmm, what to do? what to do?


  1. I guess it just depends on how important your place in the race is to you.
    I bet you are faster at this point, than you were for your other 10k.

  2. I think its all about why you are doing it... (see my blog) I think it has to do with why and what the purpose is for you to do a race. For me it helps give me the motivation to get out there. That said,I am a walker, a SLOW walker and I have come in last A LOT and to be honest, I feel just as good as the people who finish with the pack. I get a great workout, a t-shirt, medal, etc and you meet some pretty cool people with a similar motivation for health without some of the snobbery I have experianced with faster walkers/runners. There is a certian level of accomplishment that comes from doing a race for me that has nothing to do with my place. Just my two cents... if if even makes any sense :)

  3. If you are worried about where yo will finish for the 10k, I would take the HIIT workouts outside and focus on speed and do the 5k. Either one will be a great accomplishment. Good luck!

  4. Challenge yourself. Try not to stay within your comfort level - give the 10k a try! I bet you'll surprise yourself!

  5. Alison and KarenMarch 8, 2009 at 4:39 PM

    When I swim in a meet it doesn't bother me if I come in last at all, it's about my time. Did I improve, did I go faster than the last race? If I didn't what can I do better next time? I think you should do the 10k and focus on dropping some time! I think you can do it. You have a solid base and have previous experience with that distance!! I say go for it!!! I bet you won't come it 5th to last!!

  6. In high school I ran cross country, but wasn't very good. I just loved to run. At the state meet my senior year, I came in 2nd to last. It was still the best time I ever ran. I knew I wasn't going to win, so I just ran to beat myself. So, I say go for the 10K.

  7. Go for the 10k! You don't know how fast the other 149 runners are going to be. There could very well be some walkers. The first time I ran a 10K, I never ran more than an 8K. Once you get going, you will be surprised by how much longer you can still go! Good luck

  8. Do the 10K! From what I've read from your blog, you have it the will to push yourself and finish!

  9. Hey Ash-

    I stumbled across your blog through the nest health and fitness board and love reading about your journey. I'm wanting to start a weightloss journey myself and was wondering if you have ever posted a menu of what you eat on a daily basis. I've gone back through some of the archives but I may have missed it. If not, I am definately curious to know what you eat every day.

    Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!

  10. So I might be kind of biased on this, but for me, I feel much more accomplished when I complete a certain distance versus a certain time. (But again, that is my own prejudice.) I guess another thing to consider is that you have the 5K in May, where you can kick ass with your time, so it might be cool to add in the 10K and complete a more challenging distance run. I also think that it won't be that hard to get your time up for the 10K with some outdoor training this month. Good luck making your decision...I'm sure you'll do great no matter which you choose!

  11. Hi Ash. I was wondering, when did you first start running? I want to start running this spring/summer but I am a little self-concious because of my weight. How did you start out? Also, could you please recommend some basic running attire? Thanks so much! :)
    - Jenn