Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 to 9 a Day!

I just can't stress enough the importance of eating Fruit and Vegetables. I grew up in a home where it was the norm to have my 5 to 9 a day, so it's not hard for me. However, I know some people just don't like vegetables or fruit. I think so much of that comes from thinking you didn't like something when you were a child, and you never gave it another shot.
I used to not like pears, cucumbers, and canteloupe, but now I love all of them! I still hate celery though... but I won't get into that! I was a vegetarian for 6 years, so veggies and I are best friends. And I love using fruit to get my sweet tooth fix!
One of the reasons I started this challenge now is because with Spring right around the corner, produce will be abundant, and the weather will be great for outdoor exercise!

To get your 5 to 9 in, and keep it exciting, what you might want to do is try preparing the vegetable a different way! You might be surprised how different it tastes in a new dish. You can also hide veggies from yourself! Vegetables are perfect for bulking up pasta dishes, meatloaf, soups, burgers, and soups. If there are only a few vegetables you like, only eat them, but eat them often and get in your 5-9!

Here are a few recipes of mine that are really bulked up by veggies:
Classic Meatloaf
Hidden Veggies Chicken Chili
Tons of Veggies Pad Thai
Spinach Lasagna
Rice Noodle Slaw Salad Bowls

Here are a few links to help you learn more about the benefits of fruits and veggies, the nutritional information about them, and some recipes!
General Information
Fruit of the Month with Information
Recipe Search


  1. I seriously make the rice noodle slaw ALLL the time. Actually I think we'll have it for dinner tomorrow. :D

  2. Such a great post! I love fruits and veggies but some days still struggle to make sure that I am getting my 5-9 in. It's funny how you say to hide them in food, because I always do that!! :)

  3. Smoothies are a great option too!

  4. I have a suggestion for your fruits/veggies.
    I have mini colander that I use as a fruit bowl. I bring in my fruits for the day and put them in next to my desk. They stare at me to be eaten!

  5. Great post. Sometimes when I dont have time to make veggies I use Green Giant mixed veggies or corn, peas and the other varieties it comes in.

    But lately been thinking about adding V8 (the fruit and veggie drink)

    What do you think about that?