Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33: The Hangover.

Oh my... what a day it has been! I guess I'll start with last night at Bite Club! The event went really well. It was at Sun Dog in Neptune Beach. It's a diner that also serves awesome gourmet food, and that is what they showcased.

The owner wanted to do a 5 course menu with wine pairings. Since we're in Florida, seafood has been prevalent in Bite Club events. I'm not a fan, so I ate around most of the fish and meat... little tastes, but overall it's just not my favorite. However, the wines were phenominal and I had my fair share of wine.

First course was salt cured salmon, radish and grilled pineapple kebabs with basil oil and a caramelized quinoa patty. I think the quinoa was my favorite food of the whole night.
Next was an arugula salad with lavash, pate, shiitake mousse and dates. I loved the shiitake mouse and the dates, foie gras is a little difficult for me to eat, but I tried it at least. The wine was a Pinot Noir, which was fantastic.
Next up was a piece of grouper poached in a vanilla broth with noodles, shiitake  bacon and a chardonnay. I loved the noodles and the shiitake bacon. (I had quite a bit to drink by this point...)

Then we were served pork belly braised in a raspberry jus with carrots and spinach. The pork belly was great, but I just picked out the littly bit of meat, no fat for me. I ate all my vegetables though, loved them! This was served with a cabernet sauvignon.
I don't have a photo of the dessert. It was a phyllo napoleon with raspberry sauce and truffle cream... I wasn't really fond of it. I love truffles and mushrooms in general, but not in a dessert. It was served with champagne.

Overall, the menu was great. The flavor was outstanding and they did a great job. I'm really enjoying being the host of the Bite Club. It's so fun to go to events and talk food with strangers (who are becoming friends!) to see what they think about certain dishes or flavors. Everyone always has a great time, and I am so fortunate that this partnership with Folio is working so well.

After the dinner, I went with some friends to a bar to sober up... I know, who goes to a bar to get sober?! Really, I just drank about 4 glasses of water and we played a bowling video game. I got home around 11, and then had to pack my lunch and get in the shower (I smelled like nasty cigarette smoke from the bar). Then in the middle of the night I woke up and was so hot and thirsty. I drank tons of water and started to feel a bit better. It was not good, I was literally worried I was having a stroke or something.... but I think it was just the alcohol working it's way out. I don't drink much... so I think not eating much and drinking 3-4 glasses of wine kind of did me in.

So, the kicker was this morning I had to be at work for an insurance meeting an hour early, so I was up at 5am. Not fun! Then I had to stay late to close out the month in the accounting sofware. So I basically worked an 11 hour day. And was hungover. Not a good way to start the week!

Tonight has been good, I'm still fuzzy and not feeling so well... so I'm going to head to bed now. Tomorrow Lou and I are running after work (probably 4 miles) and then also on Thursday after work.
I'm so excited for Friday. Lou is in this men's society thing... it's like a grown-up fraternity. They are having their big black-tie Mardi Gras gala on Friday night. He invited JJ and I, but JJ has to work... so I decided to just go by myself! I love to dress up and go to events like this, so I'm going to put myself out there and meet people! Honestly, this is something I would not ever have done before, when I had zero self confidence!
My mom is mailing a few of my sister's formal dresses to me so hopefully I'll fit in something!

Ugh, I need to not drink anymore ever again... today reminded me of why it's very rare that I drink more than 1-2 drinks. I need to remember this Friday, there's going to be an open bar...remind me, will ya?
Alright, time to pack my running clothes and then head to bed. Goodnight!


  1. I just came across your awesome blog!
    That dinner looks wonderful - shame about the hangover though :)

  2. The whole menu looked and sounded wonderful. I too am not a fish person or wine so I think I would have done good at this dinner had I been there! YIPPIE for fun formals. I never get to go to much but they are the best! May all your sisters dresses be a tad too small and you have to hold them up with safety pins!!!!

  3. OU, a formal event! Love it love it love it. So excited for you :) can't wait to see the pics!!!

    mmmmmm. wine. I love wine.....