Sunday, February 28, 2010

Please please please, don't let me get sick...

Today has not  been so good. I woke up with a really tight lower back, and thought a nice 4 mile run would be good. I was wrong. My legs were tired, my back hurt, I was cold, my head hurt, and I was just not feeling it. So I did 2 miles, freaked out to JJ a little bit, had some oatmeal, then crawled back in bed and slept until lunch time.
I needed some caffeine, so I went out and got a coffee and then made some leftover soup.

I started to do some housework, but again, my head was pounding, I was getting heat flashes then chills, and it was just all around bad. I spent the whole afternoon laying on the couch. I really don't want to get sick, but I'm just not feeling well. I'm going to do everything I can to keep myself healthy and in good spirits this week. I really, really can't get sick!!!

For an afternoon snack, I had an apple and a new flavor of Stonyfield Farms yogurt, Maple Vanilla. It was delicious, not too maple-y, just enough to taste good but not too sweet.

For dinner, I had a quinoa-pomegranate salad and teryiaki tofu kebobs. It was a healthy food day, hopefully all of the nutrients and vitamins will keep me from getting sick.

I really appreciate all of your encouraging comments for the half. At this point, I'm excited for it, but ready for it to happen and then for the 15k and then to get back to normal. I like running far because it makes me proud and it makes me feel strong, but it's not good for weight loss. I want to fuel for the runs, but knowing a larabar, cliff gel and gatorade is 400 calories throws me off. I want to figure it into my daily calories, but it's different because I burn so many calories running. But I want those to help me lose weight... it's justs really confusing and I'm torn all of the time on weight loss vs. fueling to run far and fast. And then do I take more rest days and eat less, or do I keep working out and run the risk of having tired legs...
It's too much to think about. 2 more weeks. My brain hurts, I'm going to bed!


  1. Your body is an adjustment period, and so is your mind. Run for yourself, and use the fuel your body NEEDS to do so. Give it a little time, it'll work itself out :)
    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you don't get sick! I have the same problem with training for a half but also wanting to lose weight. It's so confusing but at least I feel strong if nothing else.

  3. Oie, I can only imagine what it feels like to be running a half (hopefully I'll find out one day), and I can understand your battle with the fueling vs. losing thing. It would be hard to try and balance the two.

    Keep it up, only 2 weeks left and then you can go back to normal life, normal running, normal calories and more lbs lost :)

    You're awesome, girl.

  4. I hope you feel better! Whenever I just want to get something over with, I just remember how far I have come from when I started. You will do great!

  5. Hope you are feeling better this morning. I agree, once you start focusing on calories its hard to increase even though you know your body needs it. I started working out in the mornings again, we'll see if it makes me hungrier before lunch or not!

  6. Sending healthy vibes your way!!

  7. I certainly hope you are feeling better fast!!!

  8. Sounds like your doing all the right things to get yourself healthy again. Lots of rest, warmth & nutrition!

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    I too struggle with the fuel vs losing weight battle. Some people say you can't lose weight while running longer distances. I disagree. It's about finding a balance of just what your body needs to get through the runs, but keeping it on a slim enough margin that you still lose weight.

  9. Oh no! I hope you're feeling better soon!

  10. Uh-oh! I hope you start feeling better!