Monday, February 15, 2010


Today has been so long. I'm so glad Monday is over. It wasn't a bad day, just really really tiring.
As soon as I finish this post, I'm going to do circuits 1-5 of no more trouble zones. Tomorrow Lou and I are going to run after work. I'm actually looking forward to it!

So.... Last night JJ and I were having a conversation about my self control when it comes to food. See, Triscuitgate doesn't happen often because I do not keep any snacks in my house. I have zero self control! Of course it makes it hard when we have company or JJ wants a snack (I go buy things, he goes without), but it keeps me in check. If the food is there, it's all I can think about.
This is the same reason he bought me no chocolates for Valentine's Day. If I know food is there, and it's not for a meal, I can't help myself. I have to have no food available.
However, Triscuits were buy-one-get-one-free this week, and I had 2 $1 off coupons, so I got 2 boxes for a dollar. How can I pass that up? Especially when we're going to be having parties and entertaining and family coming to visit... etc. It makes fiscal sense to stockpile these things at a cheap price rather than pay $3 for a single box the weekend before the party/visit/event/etc.
So what do I do? I need to practice self control. I still have that other box. I know it's there. I put extras in the office closet (condiments, cereal, items I buy in bulk) so they don't take up room in my pantry. I put the Triscuits in there too. So I don't see them every time I go in the pantry. But I know they're there. One single box. I'm testing my will. Friday night, before my big 10 miler on Saturday, I want to be able to remember they're there, but not eat them.
Isn't it crazy how we can be so rational at times, but then lose all self control? JJ told me that he doesn't understand why I can push myself to run 9 miles, but can't pull myself from a box of crackers 20 feet down the hallway. Why, why, why?!

So. I'm going to practice.
I'm going to start with the one box. I know it's there. I'll let it stay there.
Next time they go on sale, I'll buy them again. And I'll let them sit there (until I need them for a legitimate snacking purpose, not a binge on a Friday night when I'm bored and half asleep).
I will continue to work on my will-power, but I'm going to take baby steps.
That's all I can ask of myself right now.

Now to answer some more comments/questions!

1. Hummus Recipe -  I use a food processor most of the time because the magic bullet gets jammed up.

2. I just was wondering how you made it a routine? Did you cook pre-weight loss? I have always loved cooking, so that wasn't new for me. However, since I started cooking for my husband and I, it has been easier (compared to college!) because I can cook lots of vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. I also love to cook because I know my exact calorie counts. It's also a fun place for me to be adventerous.
As for the routine part, I have always liked doing the elliptical, so I started with that. Then I decided to venture into running. I also really enjoy strength training because it makes me feel so strong and I love the muscle deinition! I think once I realized that exercise was important, and something I had to do, I just started doing it... and haven't ever let myself think it's not an option. I think in the past 4 years, the longest I've ever gone without exercise is 5 days.

3. Do you ever get tired of eating the same lunch? Nope! I actually love what I eat every day. Greek yogurt it a treat (because of the price!) so I look forward to that. I also love hummus and veggies, and those change periodically. Also, with the fruit, I look forward to the changing seasons!

And, speaking of vegetables... look at my seeds! Only 2 weeks old! I'm going to start another round in 2 weeks so I can have extras and refills. I also want to plant some herbs. I'm so excited about how well they're growing!


  1. Thanks so much for the recipe! I'm going to try it asap. I am also a complete hummus addict (seriously I think I might be in need of a 12 step program). I'm guessing making my own will save a lot of money once I get the hang of it.

  2. I am right there with you, with the self-control issues.
    I tend to be a person of extremes. I push myself hard, and run marathons, but, I also reward myself heavily, as well.
    I need to find more of a balance, so I do not sabotage my best efforts.

  3. I am on the same page as you with regards to snacking. I just cannot keep stuff in the house!

  4. You are very inspirational to me. I sit here and read about how dedicated you are to keeping yourself healthy and really wish that I had the strength to be like you. You're amazing.

  5. I have the SAME exact problem. I had a roommate once you could keep cookies, chips etc and have a few bites and then put them away. Me? I have to eat the entire thing so I just don't buy them. It works for the most part but I too wish I had the self-control with food that I have to push myself to work out.

  6. I specifically requested no candy or chocolates on Valentine's day as well. The easiest way for me to resist "bad" foods is to make sure they are not available at all!

  7. I have issues with self control too...if it's there I tend to be weak and just eat it to get it out of the way. I'm doing better, still have some of the V-Day cookies my husband got me. Normally they would have been gone the same day!

    Thanks for your kind words the other day, sometimes my mind gets the best of me, but my mom set me straight in her own little way!

  8. I totally hear ya - me = no self control

    My version of self control seems to be the same as yours - don't keep it in the house... we had tortilla chips in the house over the weekend (which aided in my saturday night binge) and so last ngiht when I was going to bed, I said goodnight toPJ and ended it with "and you better eat the rest of the tortilla chips, I don't want to see those in the pantry tomorrow!"

    :) I guess you just do what you gotta do....

  9. I often wonder how I quit smoking cold turkey after smoking for YEARS and yet can't quit snacking during the day when I am not hungry!