Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39: Put a little love in the house...

Today has been absolutely awful for one reason... I've had the worst migrane!
The day dragged on and on... finally when I got home, JJ and I had a nice relaxing dinner. Then I took a bubble bath and he put the stim on my back. I haven't talked about it on here (I don't think), but when I was 16, I had major jaw reconstructive surgery. I still have TMJ, and it flares up on me now and then, resulting in migranes. Since having the surgery, I don't have near as much pain and stress on my jaw/neck, but it still hurts often, and when I'm stressed, it's the first place I feel it.

So over the weekend, I tried to brainstom about how I could decorate for Valentine's Day, but not spend much because it would only stay up for a few weeks. I thought about skipping Valentine's Day decor and just going to spring, but it seemed early, and we're having a little Valentine's Dinner party Saturday. So I decided to get some sweethearts and multi colored candles that could easily be transformed into spring decor! I'm so happy with how it turned out, and I'm even happier that I only spent about $20!

I also did a little decorating with rose wine (that I had on hand) and used our Christmas sparkly cranberries. I'm planning on getting some white tulips for the table when we have a dinner party Saturday. My sister got that vase for me (with flowers) for our Housewarming party, which I love! This table decorating cost me nothing! Yay!

So anyway for today....No exercise. Ate well. Feel so tight and achy. I'm going to have JJ put the stim on my neck, and then head to bed. At least my house is pretty now, that makes me feel a bit better :) 
JJ has the day off tomorrow, so I made him a tiny honey-do list. After work, I'm planning to run 2 miles and then do some strength training. We're thinking about going out to dinner... but we'll see how I'm feeling!


  1. :o( hope you feel better. What a sweet husband to take care of you like that! Cute candles too by the way :o) creative.

  2. Hope your migraine goes away soon!

    And I love your Valentine's decorations : )Cinnamon hearts is another cheap and easy thing to decorate with for Valentine's

  3. Very cute decorations! I love Valentine's Day :-)

  4. Hope you feel better. The house looks cute. If we were not selling our townhouse I would decorate more for the different holidays and stuff..oh well when we get a new house.

    Hope you got some rest last night.

  5. I also suffer from TMJ and it sucks :(
    very cute decorating, I like the candy in the vases. Enjoy the weekend, Beringer white zinfandel is awesome :)

  6. BOO. I'm sorry you had a kinda crappy day. I get migranes (not from TMJ) and they're horrible....

    I hope you're feeling better today :)

  7. Migranes are no good at all. I have only had a few in my lifetime *knocks on wood* but man was it bad.

    Your decorations are super cute. I did the conversation hearts and candles last year. This year it just snuck up on me and I decided not to decorate.

  8. I love that tablescape! Very romantic! Hope the migraine is gone...they suck!