Friday, February 26, 2010

Ready to Run!

So tomorrow morning is my last long run before the Half Marathon in Disney.
I'm excited, but a little nervous. It has been fun getting myself prepared for this, but at the same time, I'm ready to do it! And not that I want it to be over with, but it's consuming my thoughts quite a bit. I just keep hearing from people that it's 10% physical and 90% mental. I think I've almost got the physical part down, and I'm really positive and sure of myself, so mentally I think I'm there.

Tomorrow's run should help seal the deal in my mind. I'm shooting for 11 miles. I'm going to have JJ meet me aroung my 6-7 mile mark with some watered down Gatorade and a Cliff Shot. Hopefully my stomach won't go wonky on me and I'll survive. If not, where I reach 8 miles is past my street, so I can run home if I need to, but I'm hoping to complete another loop and do the 11-ish miles.

My plan is to get to bed around 10, wake up at 6, eat the Larabar and then wait until a little before 7am to go on my run. This won't exactly simulate next weekend's run, but it's as close as I can do.

After reading through all of the literature, I have to be up at 3:30 am, then be on the bus by 4am to get over to the staging area around 4:30, then it's a 20 minute walk to my corral, which I have to be in by 5:30 and the race will start around 6am. So I'll have 2.5 hours of wakeful time before the race. Makes me a little nervous, but it's similar to the Thanksgiving 10k I do each year.
I know the electricity and excitement will keep me going next weekend, but it does worry me a little, I'm not going to lie!
Ok, I'm off to bed. I'm excited! (but scared...eek!)


  1. That is such a crazy start time. I can't even imagine. I'm sure it will be very exciting though.

    Hope your run goes well tomorrow!

  2. The start of a race is always nerve-wracking to are going to do awesome!

    Good luck on your run tomorrow!

  3. Don't worry... You are going to ROCK that 1/2 marathon! And if anything, the early rise time just means more time for your food to settle before the big race! :)

  4. Oh I am soo excited for you Ashlee! can't wait to hear how today's run went!