Saturday, February 27, 2010


Thank you all for your running vibes this morning! I honestly thought of everyone in the bloggosphere when I was struggling to keep going!

So let's see...
Obviously, I started out with a great attitude, really excited, ready to go.
But then around mile 2, it just wasn't clicking, and I knew it was going to be a rough run. I came this.close to breaking down in tears and stopping. It was not pretty.
I made a few mistakes, you see.
1. I had Mama Fu's for dinner last night - Spring Rolls, Spicy Green Beans, and Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Those things do not sit well in the stomach on a run the next morning. I had some serious heart burn.
2. I put sunscreen moisturizer on my face before I went for the run. This caused me to sweat a lot more than usual, and it was slimey.

When I got to mile 4, I thought to myself ok, 4 more miles, and then I get to see JJ. And get some G2 and a cliff gel, I'll feel better, I know I will. Just knowing I'd see JJ really helped me keep going. I think, for some reason, I lacked some motivation today. I'm really hoping that for the half, just being in Disney with a tons of other ladies and Crissy will help me keep the strength and determination up.
So, finally, around 7.4 in, I got to the elementary school parking lot, and there was my wonderful husband with the gel, G2 and the camera! What a good little blogger's-husband!

For some reason I had the hardest time keeping a steady (but much elevated) heartrate today. I felt like I was out of breath and my heart was going to jump out of my chest. When I got to JJ, I walked around the car a few times to slow my heartrate down, then I took the cliff shot in 3 bites, and followed it with the G2. It was like a liquified gummy bear, not bad, not great... Then I took off again. After about 30 seconds, I got a little side stitch, so I walked for about a minute, then got back to running. I can't tell if it really helped, maybe if I did go for 3 more miles, having the Cliff Shot would make a difference, but I didn't feel any different for the next 2.5 miles. I'm going to plan on having on during the half, just because it might give me an extra push the last 3 miles.

So I kept going and going, when I got to our neighborhood, it was starting to rain. And I was tired. I just didn't have the heart to keep going. My legs actually were very tired, so I stopped at 10 miles. I didn't do 11.34. Though I think, if I had to, and it was the half marathon, I could keep going for sure. I think. I'm going to need some serious pep talks this week....  I just feel so spent.

So when I stopped the iPod, somehow I hit the off button or something weird happened, and it didn't even track my run!!! I am SO MAD! I am getting so close to the next Nike+ level, and that was 10 miles that went unrecorded! So these 2 photos reflect that... and I look awful, but this is how I feel about Nike+ and my iPod right now.

So after that, I ate some breakfast, a Pom Chobani, and some G2 and water.
Then I think between the run, the cold weather, the sweat, and the exhaustion, I FROZE! So I took the space heater in the bathroom because it warms up so fast, and sat on the floor in there for 30 minutes while stretching. I know, it's probably weird, but oh well. At this point, you all know I'm weird, right? :)

I stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a Venti Soy Misto. Did my weekly food shop, and started to clean the house a bit.
Around noon, I decided to make some lunch. I was still freezing, so a pot of soup sounded fabulous. I really wanted some Suppe Toscana because I had a giant bag of kale, but I didn't have and sausage (nor did I want it), so I did a spin off. Here are the delicious ingredients...

And here is what I came up with!

In the pot was:

1 yellow onion
2 garlic cloves
4 cups chicken stock
2 cups water
1/2 cup quinoa
2 medium potatoes
1 15 oz. can fire roasted tomatoes
8 cups kale leaves, chopped
Salt and pepper
1 tsp. ground fennel seed
1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
1 tsp. oregano

This pot of soup had about 850 calories in it, and I had about 1/3 of the pot. It was delicious and so so so healthy!

After lunch my co-worker came over so his wife could look at my old car, and they bought it! I'm so happy to be rid of that car once and for all.
Then I went over to the Jetta dealership to have my car detailed. It looks beautiful now! I'm so happy I got it, it's only been a week, but I'm so in love with Frau! I ran a few more errands, contemplated getting some fro-yo, but remembered I had caramel oikos at home, so I resisted.

For dinner I made polenta, fried eggs and a mushroom/pepper mixture. I'm going to be blogging it on A Year in the Kitchen, so if you're interested, check it out! It was my version of breakfast for dinner I suppose!

So now I'm just hanging out with the dogs and playing... don't laugh... Zoo Tycoon :)  JJ got it for me a few years ago because I was in a computer game phase, and I haven't played it in so long.

Of course I'm enjoying my oikos, apples and tea while playing :)

So to wrap up today... it's been rough. My run wasn't what I wanted it to be, but at the same time, I have confidence I'll make it through the half next week. But I am a little scared. I think that's natural though. I remember being really nervous for my first 5k and 10k races, but I did it. So I know I can do it....but I'm still nervous.


  1. That sucks about your Nike+...but glad you pushed yourself even though you were really feeling like giving up. You dug deep....remember that feeling this whole week and how you felt afterwards!

    I am LMAO about the Zoo Tycoon....when we lived in San Diego, I played that almost everynight we were at home! I always felt so bad when an animal starved to death...oops! Go on with your Zoo self!!!

  2. Way to push through, Ashes. I would have quit at the first sign of trouble! I hope you're proud of yourself because you did awesome! Bummer about the Nike+. :( I think its adorable that JJ was there to hydrate you and take advantage of a photo op. You're gonna do great at the marathon!

  3. Good job!

    My last run before my half-marathon last year was a 12-miler, and it was ABSOLUTELY miserable. I thought there was NO way I would be able to finish the half-marathon without breaking down.

    But you know what? I did it. I know you are going to do it too - you'll definitely be able to push through for the half-marathon!!

  4. So I think you should focus on how much you have accomplished, and knwo that it was a tough run, and sometimes it's all mental... there have been so many days where I am stoked for a run and then I get out there and just am not feeling it. I am so thankful we will have each other to motivate and support during Disney! I say, shake off the run, focus on the strong parts of it, and we will try our best for the 1/2!

  5. Great job! And you look great after a long run.

  6. Great job keeping going even though you weren't feeling it! You'll be so pumped during the half that those last 3 miles will be no problem at all. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. I just finished my second half-marathon this morning, and one of the reasons it went so well for me this time around was fueling. With my last (and first) one, I took water throughout the race, and some (but not too much because I didn't train with it) Lucazode (a British Gatorade equivalency), but that's it. And my body hit the wall after mile 10. I think my body just didn't have anything else to burn. Today I took a gel at miles five and ten, had water about every 3 miles (which is when they had the stations), and also a little bit of another electrolyte drink. And I think all this prep for fueling made a big difference between my first and second half! I'm not sure if you're planning to take anything during the half earlier in the run then you did today? I just suggest it might be something to consider :)

  8. 10 miles is definitely something to be proud of! I know it can feel not that great when you don't do the run you set out to do, but a lot of training plans for half marathons only have you do 10 miles before race day, so be confident! I still cannot wait to find/try the pomegranate Chobani!

  9. Great job on the run!
    The soup looks amazing.

  10. Oh that sucks about the Nike+. That would drive me batty!!!

    I'm betting that the cold you've just been hit with was the source of being off on this run.

    Your hubby is so sweet! Nice to have that kind of support.

  11. Don't be nervous! 10 miles is crazy good and I'm sure the whole atmosphere at Disney will keep you going through to the end :)

  12. 100 calories to do an 11 mile run? I can't help but thinking you are not getting enough calories before, during, or after your run. I'm a regular runner and typically before a half marathon I'll have about 1/2 of a Great Harvest Bakery muffin and a banana. Sometimes I find it hard to choke it down, but your body really needs the fuel.

    Best of luck to you. I know you're trying to focus on weight loss, but you're asking your body to do a lot. Don't be afraid to eat.