Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What could have been...

Today started out great, I solved 2 big problems at work, so my boss was pretty happy with me. I don't really need affirmation at work, I go, I do my job, etc., but it is always nice when you do something really well and get recognition! Sometimes I struggle with work because I know accounting isn't really what I want to do in the long run.... but it works for now. I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do.... something with food, catering, cakes, etc. But we'll see!

As soon as I finished lunch, I got a call from Denise letting me know my rings were ready for pick-up, so I'll get them tomorrow! It's been about 3 weeks, so long! I'm excited to get them back, my fingers have been naked... and I miss being married ;)

After work, Lou and I went for a run downtown. We did the bridges each once, and then ran through some neighborhoods in Riverside, right along the river. We found some gorgeous houses, and I know where I'd love to move! I love the lake in my yard, but the St. John's river is just gorgeous!
The run ended up being really hard on me. The first and last mile were great, but the 3 in the middle were so hard. I felt so tired, I got stitches in my stomach, and I just felt like we were going so slow. I think I still haven't recovered from Saturday!
I synched my iPod to the other laptop last time, which doesn't have the right date and time, so my running time and date aren't right on this, but this is today's run....

When I got home, I made a dinner with some of my favorite foods (that JJ hates) because he had a game and wasn't home. I made this salad, but subbed tofu for the garbanzos. Then I mashed a head of cauliflower with a little milk, salt, pepper and gorgonzola cheese. For the record, JJ eats just about anything, but doesn't like tofu, cauliflower, and much cilantro!

So after my whiney post about not feeling well after the long run, I got some great feedback! Especially from Angie, who is a marathoner. She recommended getting some electrolytes during and/or after my run. So I am going to get some gatorade and drink a bottle after the run. Also, I'm going to schedule a 2 hour nap on Saturday afternoon to help with the exhaustion, and hopefully bring back my appetite. After the River Run 15k, I plan to knock my runs back down to 6 miles, which I always feel fine after running... but I do want to make sure I know how to handle my body when I do go for a long run.
So the tentative plan is
7am - run 10 miles
9am - drink gatorade, eat breakfast (yogurt and fruit)
10am - grocery shopping, library
11:30 am - eat lunch
1pm - take 2 hour nap
3pm - shower, laundry, etc.
6pm - dinner

I think that if I stay on this schedule, my body will react the way I want it to... and at least mentally I'll think I'm ok!

Ok, now what could have been...
About 6 months ago, when I first moved here, my sister and I talked about running a half marathon this weekend here in Jacksonville, the 26.2 with Donna. Kris ended up not really wanting to do it. I was still on the fence. Then I had a few bad runs, and decided not to do it. I put it out of my mind.
Then around November, the runs started getting good and long. I considered doing the Disney Princess Half, but JJ wasn't going to be able to go, so again, I dropped it, and didn't think I'd train much until the River Run.
Now, here I am running 10 miles this weekend with the Disney Half in 3 weeks, and I know I could do it... but I don't want to register now and just do it on a whim. However, I wish I had had enough confidence in myself to really go for it. I even ended up having a friend ask me if I wanted to do it with her, and I know either my grandparents or in-laws would go down with me if JJ couldn't.... but I didn't have the confidence in myself. I didn't think I'd really ever do it.
So I've decided that I am going to sign up for the Disney Half in January. JJ won't be in season yet, and it's not for 11 months, I have ample time to prepare, and I know I can do it.
So yeah, I'm bummed I am not going to do the March 6 Half, but I'll get around to running a Half.


  1. You are such a great inspiration - and I really like you could do the Princess half in 3 weeks. From everything I've heard it's a FANTASTIC race.

    That being said...I'm going to do the full marathon next January. :) I can't believe I just put that in your blog, with a smiley face, when I haven't even registered for it yet...but yup. That's my plan.

  2. I know you've already made your decision, but I think you should do the March half anyway. You sound physically ready and what's the worst that could happen? You might have to walk some of it, but I'm sure it would be a great experience. Here's the blog address of someone running it in March:


    Maybe reading her blog will give you some inspiration to just go for it!

  3. DO IT DO IT! :-)

    I "ran" a half marathon about 3 months ago. I made myself sign up for it...then my training kind of slowed down so I wasn't fully prepared to run the whole thing. I went, I walked some, and I finished!

    It was a great experience and I'm glad I did it! Just go for it, you don't even have to look up your official time if you don't want to! :-)

  4. Congratulations! I know you will do great. I also think you could run the March race. You have the guts and the determination. But either way its awesome that you can accomplish these amazing things!

  5. Glad some of the info helped you. There is no way I could go without some type of electrolyte replacement. I feel awful without it.

    The race sounds great! There are always so many races out there, so don't be too bummed if you miss one.

  6. That is awesome...I've heard the Princess marathon is awesome! Yeah for you...hope the electrolytes help give you the extra boost you need to get thru the week. I have been slumping on exercise this week and eating cookies...not a good combo at all!

  7. Hi, I'm a quiet follower of yours. Your talking about work reminds me of a term I saw - "Micro-Catering". I'm not in the food industry, but I've had to set up plenty of working lunches and think this sounds like a great idea. If nothing else, something to think about on your run. Take care!

  8. Congrats! And such a great place to run :)

  9. sign up!! We can run together! I am running alone while my friends sleep in our hotel room. lame huh? but I wasn't going to let myself not do it...

    this is a no pressure ask right there, but if you wanted someone to run with, you definitely have me :)

  10. I would definitely sign up! See you do and go into the mentality that you're a princess and taking advantage of where you live and are doing it for fun.

    Also, see Katheats.com for her friend's homemade electrolyte mix. It is less sugary then gatorade, cheaper, but still includes salt, sugar, water, and lemon. :)

  11. Why not register now and do it on a whim? It seems silly to me for you to not do something that you know you CAN do, when you know you'll regret not doing it. Sign up, do the half, and be really proud of WHAT IS instead of what COULD HAVE BEEN.


  12. When I go on long runs I take a packet of Jelly Belly Sport Beans which have electrolytes and vitamins in them - they really help!

    If you don't want the calories, and you don't want to carry a water bottle, they make electrolyte pills as well.

    Here's an article about refueling after runs from Runner's World - http://www.runnersworld.com/article/1,7124,s6-242-303-307-9478-0,00.html

    After a long run I usually make a protein smoothie with almond milk, frozen berries, whey protein and a little yogurt.

    Have fun!