Sunday, February 21, 2010

What color is my thumb? Yeah, it's green.

This morning when I got up (after sleeping 10 hours...) I had a hard time convincing myself to go for a run. I felt good, but mentally I'm pretty exhausted. I'm kind of worried about over-doing I decided to just go and stop if my body told me to. I didn't feel great, but I didn't feel awful. I felt a little tired, pretty much like I ran 10 miles yesterday! I didn't think my speed was that up and down, but apparently it was???

I was hungrier than normal, so I decided to have oats this morning, which is what I have on the weekdays. I had some steel cut pumpkin spice oats, a serving of G2 and lots of water. I'm starting to really enjoy dining outdoors!

I also iced my ankle, which was a little sore when I woke up, but didn't bother me on my run. It looked swollen though, so I thought I better be safe and ice it. I've had no problems the rest of the day!

After showering and getting ready for church, I discovered my car was once again dead. I've known the alternator is going, and the battery just had to be replaced. Also, there are some belts that are going to need to be replaced. My car is 10 years old, and I've been planning to get a new one for my birthday. So after getting jumped and charging up the battery, I went and test drove some cars.

After that, I stopped by Dick's to get some Cliff Shots. I am going to try taking one next weekend about half-way through my long run to see if it helps/hurts me. I am really sensitive to having any food/water in my body when I run. When I do run a race, I eat a small bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee at least an hour before the race, and I'm ok. But sometimes when I just take a sip of water at a stop during a race, I get an awful side cramp. I want to see how my body does because I'm sure I'll need some kind of fuel for the half.

For lunch, I had some more of the bean and cabbage soup from last night, and then started working on my garden! I lined the bottom of my planters with newspaper, then spread a layer of compost in the bottom, then filled them with organic garden soil. It was actually really fun, but a lot of physical work! Those bags of soil are heavy, and my quads are pretty tired from running + squatting in the planters!

While I was planting, JJ ran out to Lowe's to get some fencing to keep the dogs out. Charlotte and Belle can probably fit through the posts, and Pumpkin can hop it no problem, but hopefully they'll never realize that and stay out!
We should not freeze here again, in the 10 day forecast the lowest temp. is supposed to be 37, so keep your fingers crossed that my plants keep growing! I am so happy I was able to start them from seed, and I really hope that they survive!

For dinner, I just made us some French Onion Soup and a Zucchini and Potato Tortilla (spanish frittata like dish, not corn/flour taco shell).
Oh, and Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR race :)  So I'll say it's been a pretty good Sunday!

Ok, I've had a few questions I'll go ahead and answer because I've got some time tonight...

1. Summer Rolls - Here is a link to the recipe. I change them up often depending on what I have at home to stuff them. If you want them more firm and tight, I'd recommend adding the rice noodles. I wrap them in rice paper rolls, which are in most supermarkets in the ethnic food area. If you have a Mama Fu's, I highly recommend their Basil Summer Rolls... so so so good!
2. Meal Plans - I plan our dinners out each week, then do a weekly grocery shop for them. For ideas, I read other blogs, read magazines, take out cookbooks, and brainstorm on some of my favorite foods and how I can re-create them. I like to use seasonal ingredients, and I like to see what is on sale each week to help keep costs lower. I do my shopping in 3 stores, Publix for most general groceries, Whole Foods for organic meats, tofu, dairy and specialty, and Sam's Club for bulk items and some produce.
I tend to also pick up some extras in the produce area and tofu so I have ingredients to make lunches on the weekends. I usually plan about 4-5 vegetarian meals per week, 1-2 with organic meat, and 1 eating out.
3. Soy Milk - I don't like the taste of cow's milk, and I don't drink any milk at all. I just use a splash in my coffee and oatmeal. I love vanilla and chocolate Silk Soy Milk (not the light stuff though, it's only 20 calories less, not worth it to me!) It's about the same price as organic cow's milk, so for me it's just solely based on taste and being a little grossed out by cow's milk :)
4. Cookie Cutter - The bra and underware cookies were made with a <3 (heart) shaped cookie cutter!


  1. I usually drink Almond Breeze (non-dairy "milk") for my oatmeal or cereal as I don't really like regular milk either. more protein than regular milk as well.

    I am also the same way with food/drink when I run. I've been alternating trying a Hammer Gel before my run and using Clif Bloks. Both seem to be okay...I used a gel today halfway through my 7-mile run and my stomach dealt with it okay.

  2. So I'm a total lurker I admit but I do love your blog! Is the oatmeal flavor something you made or something you bought? Sounds fantastic!

  3. So jealous of your garden! It's still freezing up here in Philly. I hope your plants make it!

  4. Thanks for answering the question about planning out your meals. I'm curious to hear how the Cliff Shots go.

  5. Hope the weather cooperates, I read something about the strawberry crops being damaged with ice...hope your plants do ok!

  6. Oh yaya - you're garden looks so cute!!! I'm sure it will make it :) I can't wait to see garden progress pics!!!

    Great ojob on the running by the way!!!

  7. Your garden looks so good! I'm so jealous of you getting to eat outside. It looks so relaxing :-)

  8. I am interested to hear what you think of the Shot blocks.

    Your garden looks great. I have the unique ability to kill any plant I have, despite my best efforts. I stopped trying. : /